Wrestling Legend Tetsuo “Mr. Pogo” Sekigawa Passes Away At Age 66

mr. pogo

According to Yahoo Japan, former Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, W*ING, and Big Japan Pro Wrestling star, Mr. Pogo, has passed away at age 66. The report notes Pogo passed away from a cerebral infection following surgery in Gunma, Japan.

Pogo, who began his career in the 1970’s, was best known for his Deathmatches, and in particular his bout against Atushia Onita which was an Electrified Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Death Match and saw Pogo wielding a scythe. Pogo’s career went into semi-retirement following a match against Terry Funk in 1996 in which he broke his neck.

Pogo also faced notable names such as Ric Flair, Bruiser Brody, Rocky Johnson and Harley Race, and you can check out footage of his matches below: