Impact Wrestling Results (6/22) Lashely and E-Singh-3 Take on James Storm and Alberto El Patron, and More!

impact_coverageImpact Wrestling Results

June 22nd, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Backstage, Sienna has to grab Laurel Van Ness by the face to get her to focus. Sienna tells Van Ness that Rosemary is not in the building and this is her chance to get revenge on Allie. Sienna tells Van Ness to focus. Van Ness promises to but as soon as Sienna walks away Van Ness is distracted by her hair.

Sony Six Way Elimination X-Divison Match: Trevor Lee vs Davey Richards vs Suicide vs Braxton Sutter vs Eddie Edwards vs Matt Sydal

As soon as the bell rings Edwards and Richards tear into each other. Lee beats down Suicide and Sutter. Sutter catches Lee with a stiff clothesline. Power slam by Sutter. Richards hits the ring and tries a handspring attack. Sutter catches him in midair and suplexes him. Richards rolls out of the ring. Edwards torpedos Richards. Punt kick by Lee. Suicide palm strikes Lee off the apron. As the group battles outside of the ring Suicide suicide dives onto everyone. After a short break, Suicide splashes Sutter. Sutter manages to hit a top rope neck breaker. Lee rolls in the ring and rolls up Sutter for the pin.

Braxton Sutter has been Eliminated.

Lee and Richards team up and clear the ring. Edwards fires up but gets sent into the ring post by Richards. Suicide dropkicks both Richards and Lee. Atomic Buster by Suicide to Richards. Suicide locks in an octopus stretch on Lee. Richards breaks it up. Richards misses a top rope double foot stomp. Suicide runs right into a standing double foot stomp by Lee. Suicide is done.

Suicide has been Eliminated.

Richards exploder suplexes Sydal. Edwards sets up a dive but Richards throws a chair into Edwards’ face, right in front of the referee.  The referee throws Richards out.

Davey Richards has been Eliminated.

Richard sits Edwards head on a chair. Richards gets a running start for a one man conchairto. Edwards moves and hits Richard with a chair. Edwards picks up Richards and fisherman busters him on a chair. For some reason, Edwards is disqualified.

Eddie Edwards is Eliminated.