John Cena Reveals His “Man Crush”, Talks Not Being a Celeb, Birdie Joe Danielson Watches Her Dad on TV (Videos), NXT Star Gets New Name

john cena

NXT Talent Gets New Ring Name

The former Kimber Lee, aka Kimberly Frankele, who will be competing in the Mae Young Classic, is now using the name Abbey Laith in WWE NXT.

Birdie Joe Danielson Watches Daniel Bryan on TV

Brie Bella has posted the following video, featuring her and Birdie Joe Danielson watching Daniel Bryan’s return to WWE TV last night on Smackdown:

John Cena Answers Questions From New Yorkers

Vanity Fair has released the following video featuring John Cena answering questions from fans in New York. Cena offers answers such as not considering himself a celebrity, and having a “man crush” on comedian Kevin Hart: