Eric Bischoff & Brooklyn Brawler Discuss Stephanie’s Influence In WWE; Make Comparisons To Ivanka Trump

The Bischoff on Wrestling Overrun from last Wednesday was just made available via the Bischoff on Wrestling general podcast feed. It features Eric chatting with long time WWE employee and Superstar The Brooklyn Brawler.

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You can find some of Eric and Brawler’s comments transcribed below.

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BB: I always liked Stephanie. She reminds me of Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka. She’s very intelligent and thank God she is there. Her mind is so into the business. She’s like a female Vince.

EB: When I was there my impression was this and you can tell me if I’m right: Stephanie is just like Vince and Shane is just like Linda personality wise

BB: I agree. Linda is a great person, I’d never say she is a bad person, but Shane is more of a free spirit.

EB: He’s likable, he’s there and you feel like he’s engaged with you. He’s just Shane.

BB: He’s just one of the boys.

EB: When you talk to Stephanie she’s very professional and she’s very polite but she’s just got that Stepford Wives thing going on there. It’s like, “Ehhhh, I’m not really connecting 100%.” I’m about 90% but not quite there at 100%.

BB: Right. She’s always thinking and looking for the mistake or the thing that could be better rather than just trying something. Way back in the 80s we would just go for it. We would find out if it works or not by actually executing it. Take a battle royal for example, in the 80s they’d say, “You’re number one, you’re number two, you’re number three… etc…” Now, they tell you everything. “He’ll go for this, you’ll go for a short clothesline, you duck it, he’ll charge, you drop him over the top…” They put it ALL together. All I used to do was just remember the guy who went out before me.

Some of the other topics they discuss include:

  • Lombardi’s upcoming book about his over thirty year career in WWE
  • Eric’s debut in WWE
  • Lombardi’s memories of growing up on the streets of Brooklyn
  • Vince McMahon as a commentator
  • What it takes to be a great enhancement talent
  • Why work rate does not always equal drawing power
  • Who the best finish men are in WWE
  • Shane and Stephanie McMahon
  • The future of the pro wrestling business
  • Backstage ribs
  • Vince McMahon’s loyalty
  • More…

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This week’s episode of Bischoff on Wrestling features Eric and Nick taking an in-depth look at the recent Something To Wrestle With episode about Eric and his time in WWE. Including:

  • What he’d have done differently when he had to “sell a broom” to Vince McMahon
  • Whether or not he considers himself a “wrestling person” or an “entertainment producer”
  • Hulk Hogan’s feelings about Vince McMahon when he was negotiating with Eric to come to WCW
  • If Eric believes that WWE would have stooged off the WCW results if the roles had been reversed
  • Vince preferring the narrative of “McMahon vs Turner” over “McMahon vs Bischoff”
  • The talk about bringing Eric into WWE to be part of the invasion angle
  • What he remembers about “wanting to put Vince McMahon out of business”
  • WWE’s attitude towards him as a creative mind
  • Who Eric most enjoyed seeing backstage at his WWE RAW debut
  • The truth behind Ric Flair “attacking Eric” backstage when he came to WWE
  • How Eric became friends with Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis
  • Eric’s thoughts when “Hot Lesbian Action” was pitched to him
  • Whether Eric would have liked the Billy & Chuck angle to have ended differently
  • The experience of kissing Linda McMahon in front of Vince
  • More…

Eric also takes a few minutes at the end of the show to give his thoughts on a few of the top pro wrestling news stories of the week. Including:

  • Samoa Joe as the #1 Contender to the WWE Universal Championship
  • Road Dogg as the creative force on Smackdown Live
  • The rumors that Hulk Hogan may be returning to WWE as an ambassador