Ring of Honor Windy City Excellence TV Taping Results (6/3): Episode Two *Spoilers*, Photo Gallery Included

Ring of honor Windy City excellence

The following are results from the Ring of Honor Windy City Excellence TV tapings tonight in Chicago, and are for episode two:

1. Josh Woods vs. Jay Briscoe. Crowd wasn’t super into it but popped at times for Briscoe. Jay Driller for the win. Jay refused the Code of Honor after the match.

2. Tempura Boyz vs. Coast 2 Coast. Young Bucks are out before the match starts. They issue an open challenge to make it a triple threat. Crowd goes crazy. Texas Tornado Style for the titles! Insane match. C2C had Tempura ready for stereo tombstones but turned into superkicks from the Bucks followed by stereo Indytakers. Crowd was wild for this one.

You can read spoilers from the first episode taped tonight at this link.