Former Impact Wrestling Star on Training with The Dudleys, Working with Rhyno and More, Cody Rhodes Defends Goldust After Fan Criticism

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Cody Rhodes Defends Goldust After Fan Criticism

Cody Rhodes did not take too kindly to a Twitter user labeling his brother Goldust a “jobber”, as the following exchange took place on Twitter:

Former Impact Wrestling Star on Training with The Dudleys

Former IMPACT Wrestling star Jesse Neal was on the “Jordan Garber NOW” podcast last week with host Jordan Garber. During the podcast, Jesse talked about being in the Navy, training with the Dudley’s and working with IMPACT Wrestling. The podcast is available on under the archives section. Below are few of the many interview highlights.

On Training with the Dudley’s:

I was very lucky to choose that school and get that kind of training. Obviously that’s why I got signed so fast too. There spots and training and stuff like that. Another thing they taught me is that everything in this business is about being in the right place at the right time. The most I took from them was basically an ass whooping, they beat the crap out of me. But I appreciate it now. There’s times where I’d leave practice almost in tears saying why I am here?  Why am I doing this? But I’d always find myself back there the next day. They made me earn everything I’ve gotten in this business and I can’t thank them enough and I still hold that today.

On working with Rhino:

Working with him on segments and backstage promos and in ring stuff and everything like that was insane. I’m a nobody, and I just came out of nowhere and now I’m training and doing segments with Rhino, and then we got into a team with me Rhino and the Dudley’s. With us four on TV and PPV I was like a little kid in a candy store. It was an honor and a privilege.

On working with Matt Morgan:

“He is an amazing talent in ring and backstage. He is a great guy. That first match he was great, he took care of me, I ate his boot and I couldn’t feel half my face for 4 days. The biggest transition from that point was from indie to TV stuff.”

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