Another Backstage Reason Why WWE is Having Jinder Mahal Face Randy Orton for the WWE Title

As noted, Jinder Mahal will be facing Randy Orton for the WWE Title at the WWE Backlash PPV on May 21st. We noted that one of the reasons why WWE might be pushing Jinder Mahal and his new alliance with The Singh Brothers is because of WWE’s continued expansion in India, and WWE’s Indian Shop website launching.

Additionally, The Wrestling Observer is reporting another reason why WWE feels comfortable with the Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal PPV main event is because of the change in WWE’s PPV model from “pay-per-view” to “WWE Network special.”

If WWE Backlash were a traditional PPV, in which fans would have to spend $50+ to watch, the event would likely draw a low buy rate due to the less attractive main event. However, because many WWE fans might view Backlash as “a $9.99 event”, there is less pressure to deliver and the company is confident enough to experiment more with their matches.

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