WWE Payback Results (4/30): New Champions Crowned, Did Orton Survive House of Horrors? Reigns Battles Braun Strowman!

Miz TV w/Finn Bálor:

Miz lets the WWE Universe know that they have a special guest tonight on Miz TV. This guest has a presence and his return the night after WrestleMania on Raw still has the world talking. Miz’s guest tonight is Finn Bálor! Miz casually checks his watch as he waits for Bálor to finish his entrance. Miz asks Bálor if he is done because his entrance took five minutes. Miz says he doesn’t even know what is happening right now. Bálor says this is Bálor Club. Miz asks what it takes to be in the Bálor Club? Bálor says that is up to the Club. Miz asks if he and Maryse can be in. The crowd chants no. Bálor says that means NOPE. Miz says they are here to get to the deeper issues, not the surface stuff. Miz runs down all of Bálor’s accomplishments. Miz asks Bálor if when looking back this past year was a failure. Bálor says yes if you count tearing up his shoulder but still winning the match to become the first WWE Universal champion a failure, then sure. Miz says getting hurt is the definition of failure. Miz says Bálor is too small and fights with his heart instead of his head.

Miz asks Bálor what’s next. Bálor says he is going to get his title back. Miz asks Bálor if he knows who the WWE Universal champion is? It’s Brock Lesnar! Lesnar would kill Bálor. Miz adds that he could destroy Bálor as well. Bálor says that the way he sees it Miz can join one of two clubs: The Bálor Club, which we know he would never get into or the Finn Bálor just kicked my ass club! Bálor steps up to Miz but Miz pulls Maryse in front of him. Bálor looks at Miz and says that every episode of Miz TV ends with Miz getting his ass kicked. Bálor adds that he is going to be the bigger man. Bálor’s music plays and he tries to walk away. Miz starts to yell that Bálor doesn’t sign the show-off, he does! Bálor runs at Miz and takes him out with the sling blade. Miz stumbles to his feet and walks right into a torpedo dropkick as well.