Damien Sandow Reveals What Vince McMahon Told Him After He Began Impersonating The Miz, Talks If He Is Retired and More

damien sandow

Photo Credit: WENN.com

Former WWE and Impact Wrestling star Damien Sandow (Aron Stevens) joins X-Pac in studio for a brand new episode of X-Pac 12360! X-Pac talks to Aron about a future in wrestling and his new film on  today’s X-Pac 12360.

You can watch the episode below, and the following are some highlights:

Aron Stevens on his Wrestling Future 40:58- 41:40:

“I assure you the boots are not burnt. You know, will I ever lace them up again? Like I don’t know. And see one of the things is like I’m a very transparent person especially with the fans … You know I’m not going to lie and say oh I’ll be back. You know I don’t know if I’ll be back maybe I will maybe I won’t you know. But the one thing is I miss the interaction with the fans, I miss the crowds, and I miss being able to kind of like entertain you know. Just put these weird twists on characters I genuinely do miss that. But again where I’m at in life right now it’s just kind of taken me in a different direction not to say that I won’t end up in a ring again.”

Aron Stevens credits Rip Rogers for Damien Sandow character 1:00:30-1:00:57:

“There is no one I respect more than Rip Rogers. You know and in terms of the mind, that man has for the business… In terms of like just how he lays it out in just a simplistic way. And had it not been for Rip Rogers I would have never been the intellectual savior (Damien Sandow) because he, he just taught me how to again simplify everything.”

Aron Stevens on the backstage reaction to the first Miz Stunt Double move 1:27:26-1:28:23:

“I remember Tyson Kidd of all people who is a good buddy of mine and an awesome guy. He goes, “Did you just put the figure four on the invisible man when Miz did?” I go, “Yup.” He goes, “ That was the greatest thing I’ve seen on the show (Monday Night RAW) in a long time.” And I just said,” Well you know what, watch next week.” After a couple weeks like Vince( McMahon) was like, “ Well I noticed you are mimicking Miz?” “Yup.” “Do whatever you want if it gets too overboard I’ll pull you back. And I just went, “ Okay.”