AAA Vice President Dorian Roldán: “Lucha Underground Talent Can Appear On Impact Wrestling”

lucha underground

The alliance with Impact Wrestling opens a range of possibilities to AAA in many ways, but the main one is the internationalization of the Mexican brand, which is something that was highlighted by Company Vice President Dorian Roldán, reports Media Tiempo.

For years AAA has held events in different parts of the world, even been constant at times; But the objective is no longer simply to have a presence abroad, but to become a global company, so the alliance with Impact seeks to open those doors to the Mexican company in the United States and Impact in Mexico.

“It’s not like alliances, with an exchange of talent, it’s a broader alliance where we’re seeing business opportunities for both companies. Look for new territories to which our product arrives and most importantly look for sources of work for our fighters, not only in Mexico but also in other countries.

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The approach with Impact was thanks to the return of Jeff Jarrett, with whom he has worked the Three Star Times in the past.

This will begin on the anniversary of Impact Wrestling on July 2, it will be the first time we will see AAA talent within an event of them.

“We worked with Jeff Jarrett for 15 years, it was a very positive relationship. We had a call a couple of months ago so we could work together. We did a lot of chemistry with the equity fund and AAA.

“Impact has new owners from the name change to being called TNA to Impact Wrestling. Not only do we think about the talent and the stories, but also how we make the scope of our product spread. AAA will assist them in their distribution agreements in Latin America and they offer us presence in different channels.”

AAA has already entered the US field, where he has Lucha Underground as an important product and has changed the way of wrestling. Although for the Dorian Roldán the alliance does not affect in the least to this program.

“We do not see ourselves as competitors, we see ourselves as allies. What makes Lucha Underground more distinct than a league is a television series. I’m not denied that people with Lucha Underground presence can appear on Impact.”

The Plan Is Getting Around the World

The Estelar Caravan wants to go further and in August it will have three dates in Colombia and one more in November, and in October it will be in Japan. But the plans are beyond those functions.

“It has been difficult for the Mexican fight to be able to internationalize outside the United States, but with the new platforms we have found many opportunities. We will begin to broadcast in some parts of Africa in the coming months and it is hardly the spearhead. We are on the road to internationalizing the company in the United States,” concluded Dorian Roldán.

The exchange with Impact will begin in July at Slammiversary and will be continued for the rest of the year, including Triplemania 25, featuring Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards and Bobby Lashley.