Post-Surgery Update on Impact Wrestling Star DJZ (Video), Exclusive Update on Eddie Kingston After Missing This Weekend’s AAW Show

DJZ Injury Update Following Surgery

As previously reported, Impact Wrestling star DJZ (aka Zema Ion) suffered a fractured colon during a big six-way match in Mexico City for The Crash lucha libre promotion. After passing out on the floor of his hotel lobby, he was rushed to a local hospital where he required surgery to deal with internal bleeding and repair the colon.

Despite a legitimate chance that DJZ’s in-ring could have been ended by the operation, he posted a video update this weekend showing that he’s already up and walking around. In a previous update, he noted that he will be back in the ring, but will spend the next few weeks recovering in Mexico after he is released from the hospital.

Eddie Kingston Pulled From AAW Event

Impact Wrestling star Eddie Kingston was pulled from this weekend’s AAW 13th Anniversary show in Rosemont, IL, where he was scheduled to take part in a tag team match that would see him team up with Low Ki against AAW Champion Sami Callihan and “The Monster” Abyss. Early on in the show, Low Ki came out and attacked Callihan’s partners Dave and Jake Crist, and announced that he had brought something special to even the odds in tonight’s main event.

We can now confirm that Kingston was removed from the event due to an injury suffered in his match with former WWE Superstar KRUGAR (aka Adam Rose) last Saturday for Callihan’s Wrestling Revolver promotion. Following the bout, where he took a hard bump into a bent up trash can, Kingston was reporting tightness in his neck and ended up missing a seminar that night. I spoke with him this weekend, and he informed us that he’s feeling much better and looking to get back into the ring soon, but due to his age he’s starting to take his injuries more seriously and thought missing the AAW booking was unfortunate, but necessary.