WWE RAW Results (3/20): The Fate of Mick Foley Revealed, The Undertaker Appears, and Much More!

Foley tells Zayn it is not worth and to walk away. Zayn tells Stephanie that Foley has shown more class in his time as GM as Stephanie has in real life. The fact that Stephanie wants to disgrace him because he never became a corporate yes man is shameful. Stephanie says Zayn is a great talent, but he isn’t on the level to speak to her at all. Stephanie orders Zayn to go back to the locker and think of what he is going to do to make it up to her. Zayn starts to walk to the ropes but he stops. Zayn says he isn’t about doing the smart thing he is about doing the right thing. The right thing to do is to stand in this ring and not move until… Samoa Joe’s music hits. Joe walks to the ring. Stephanie tells Joe to stop. Stephanie tells Zayn that his mouth has gotten him into trouble once again. Stephanie books Joe vs Zayn right now. Before Joe can get into the ring, Zayn takes him out with a topé con hilo.

Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn

Joe forces Zayn into the corner. Zayn fights out with a few strikes. Joe floors Zayn with a back elbow. Zayn surprises Joe with the spinning head scissors. Zayn calls for the blue thunder bomb but Joe reverses it. Muta elbow drop by Joe for a two count. Joe slams Zayn head first into the turnbuckle. Joe tries an inverted atomic drop, but Zayn reverses it into a dropkick. Zayn hits the ropes but runs right into a snap power slam. Joe whips Zayn into the corner so hard he flips over. Joe tries to lock in the muscle buster, but Zayn fights Joe off. Joe levels Zayn with a jumping Enziguri. Zayn falls to the outside. Joe takes off and crushed Zayn with a diving elbow through the ropes.