Stevie Richards on Who is the “Creative Force” Behind Matt and Jeff Hardy’s “Broken” Gimmick

matt and jeff hardy

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When The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling interviewed Stevie Richards back in January, he made a comment about being approached by Impact Wrestling to be in the tag team Apocolypto angle. Ultimately, Raven turned it down and they were not involved, but this is what Stevie had to say about who was the creative force behind “Broken”, as Impact Wrestling and The Hardys are currently amidst legal issues pertaining to the use of the “Broken” gimmick:

“In general wrestling and since this is a wrestling interview, there are so many people that make WWE and even people crap on TNA but there are so many people behind the scenes of those companies and sometimes only one person like Jeremy Borash. He pretty much creatively put that whole Final Deletion and everything else together. That is crazy that he is the creative force behind probably the most popular thing that we’ve seen in wrestling in years.”

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