Marty Jannetty Says He Was Offered $150,000 For Adult Film Role, Watch The ‘Boone The Bounty Hunter’ Trailer With John Morrison (Video)

Rocker Dropper

Marty Jannetty posted the following on his Facebook page, claiming he’s been offered $150,000 to perform in three adult films. Jannetty did not give full details on what company it was, but did say his family possibly seeing the films is reason to think about passing on the offer:

To all my ninjas, I want y’alls advice..just got a call..$150,000 for 3 movies…porno movies..cant say the name but, they’re big company…Im thinking my bruh Snoop had something to do with this.. check this though, I’d get to tear up some beautiful b*tches, but, as my brother said, my family could see thought is, why is my family watching porno then gonna judge me? What do y’all think on that?

Jannetty will be making a wrestling appearance over Wrestlemania 33 weekend in Orlando, when he faces Joey Janela at Joey Janela’s Spring Break event on March 30th.

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Boone The Bounty Hunter

The following is the new trailer for “Boone The Bounty Hunter” starring Lucha Underground star Johnny Mundo (John Morrison). The film is scheduled for release on May 9th: