Impact Wrestling Results (3/9): Lashley vs. EL Patron, The Hardy’s Gone? Make Impact Great Again

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Impact Wrestling Results

March 9th, 2017 

Report By Joshua Lopez for 

Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards Brawl: 

The show starts off with Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards brawling inside the Impact Zone. Richards says that Edwards wasn’t there for him. Agent’s and referee’s are trying to separate both men. Edwards places Richards crotch first on the steel guard rail. Edwards lands a couple of knife edge chops. Richards goes for a suplex, but Edwards blocks it. Edwards with a flying crossbody onto Richards. The brawl spills onto the ramp. Both men are finally separated by the security team.

Josh Mathews & Jeremy Borash Segment: 

There’s a third headset on the commentary table. Mathews says that they’re not going to have a three man booth. Mathews pokes fun at SmackDown for having four commentators. Jeremy Borash officially joins the commentary team. Mathews is pissed. The new owners says that there needs to be more excitement from the commentary team.

Borash has been in Impact Wrestling for 15 years. Borash points out that nobody likes Josh Mathews. With Mathews recent comments about being the greatest commentator of all-time, it’s time to change things up. Borash brings up the legacy of Mike Tenay who was the original voice of Impact Wrestling. Borash points out that Mathews was fired from the WWE three years ago. Mathews says that he sat under Jim Ross tutelage. Borash is friends with JR and he considers Mathews an asshole. Borash calls Mathews a Ken Doll with no balls. Mathews was calling WrestleMania’s afront of 80,000 people while people walk into the Impact Zone scot free.