WWE RAW Results (2/13): Jericho’s Festival of Friendship, Charlotte Flair Defends Against Bayley, New Champion Crowned!

wwe-raw-2016-coverageWWE RAW Results

February 13th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In Ring Segment: Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Raw. Stephanie says Mick Foley was obviously tired and upset after embarrassing himself last week during Samoa Joe’s contract signing. Foley has the week off to get himself together and reassess his role in WWE. Before Stephanie can continue, Roman Reigns’ music hits and he slowly walks to the ring. Reigns says he is going to keep this short and sweet: He isn’t waiting until Fastlane, he wants Braun Strowman tonight. Stephanie says tonight isn’t about her, it’s about the fans! Stephanie asks the crowd what they want to happen. Stephanie says these people clearly do not care about Reigns health, especially after the beating he got last week. Stephanie says Strowman already has a match tonight against Mark Henry.

Reigns says maybe he will come to ringside and watch the match. Stephanie retorts that if Reigns so much as lays a finger on Strowman not only will he lose his match at Fastlane, he will lose any opportunity at WrestleMania as well. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows come out on the ramp… for some reason. Anderson says they couldn’t sit in the back and watch Reigns disrespect Stephanie. Gallows says Reigns should face them in a handicap match tonight. Stephanie says in honor of the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame Teddy Long, they will face Reigns in a 2-on-1 match tonight, playa! Gallows and Anderson walk to the ring. Reigns climbs out fo the ring and attacks Gallows and Anderson. Referees separate them as we cut to a commercial.

2-On- 1 Handicap match: Gallows and Anderson vs Roman Reigns

Anderson and Gallows hit a tandem neck breaker for a two count. Anderson locks in a side headlock. Reigns tries to fight out of it, but Anderson kicks Reigns in the gut. Reigns manages to land a few right hands to Gallows. Anderson tries to tackle Reigns in the corner, but Anderson ends up eating the turnbuckle. Reigns knocks Gallows off the apron. Multiple corner clotheslines by Reigns to Anderson. Reigns calls for the Superman punch, but Gallows gets on the apron. Reigns knocks Gallows off the apron again. Superman punch to Anderson. Gallows hits the ring and pounce on Reigns. Anderson and Gallows beat down Reigns. The Referee calls for the bell.

Winner- Roman Reigns (DQ)

After the match, Gallows and Anderson try to set up the Magic Killer, but Reigns fights out of it. Reigns grabs a chair as Gallows and Anderson scurry away.

Kofi Kingston w/The New Day vs Bo Dallas

One the way to the ring, Kingston asks Dallas why he is standing int he ring like some sort of Social outcast. Xavier Woods lets the crowd know that Big E. has the plans for their new ice cream machine. Once Kingston makes short work of Dallas, Woods says they will let us in on their plan to bring ice cream to the WWE Universe.

Kingston dropkicks Dallas out of the ring. Big E. and Woods are outside the ring dancing to the crowd yelling “we want ice cream”. Dallas starts to dance along as well. Dallas grabs the plans from Big E. and rips them in half. Both Woods and Big E. are apoplectic. Kingston dives to the outside with a topé con hilo onto Dallas. Kingston rolls Dallas back into the ring. Dallas meets Kingston with a running knee. Dallas sets Kingston’s feet on the ropes and hits a rope assist swinging neck breaker. Dallas whips Kingston into the ropes, but Kingston manages to catch him with the SOS for the win.

Winner- Kofi Kingston

Noam Dar w/Alicia Fooooooooooooooox vs Jack Gallagher

Collar and elbow tie-up leads to Gallagher forcing Dar into the corner. The Referee breaks it up. Gallagher hits the ropes, but Dar trips him and locks in a toe hold. Gallagher escapes. Dar attempts a head-scissor takeover, but Gallagher cartwheels out of it. Dar kicks Gallagher in the leg. Dar locks in a modified Indian death lock. Dar lands a European uppercut for a two count. Dar whips Gallagher into the corner, but Gallagher does an Ultimo Dragon headstand in the corner. Dar charges in, but Gallagher leapfrogs over him. Gallagher takes Dar over with a body scissors followed by two dropkicks. Dar slides under Gallagher’s legs, but Gallagher turns around and headbutts Dar’s face in. Dar crawls tot he corner. Gallagher destroys Dar in the corner with a running dropkick for the win.

Winner- Jack Gallagher

After the match, Neville comes out o the stage and raises the Cruiserweight title in the air.

Backstage, Samoa Joe and Triple H arrive in a limo.

Emmalina walks out on the ramp. Emmalina says it’s taken 17 weeks, but you are all witness to the makeover of Emma into Emmalina. Now, we will all see the makeover of Emmalina into Emma. Um… what the?

Backstage, Bayley says she is nervous about her main event title match later tonight. Everyone says she doesn’t belong here. Tonight she is going to achieve her dream.

Backstage,  Chris Jericho asks Kevin Owens if he is ready for the “Festival of Friendship”. Owens says he is. Triple H interrupts and asks to speak to Owens.

Braun Strowman vs Mark Henry 

Henry and Strowman go nose to nose. Strowman and Henry lock up, but neither man can get an advantage. Strowman lands a few strikes. Henry ends up in the corner. Henry fights out fo the corner. Strowman stumbles into the opposite corner. The Referee forces Henry off Strowman. Strowman lands a cheap right hand that dazes Henry. Strowman hits the ropes and almost decapitates Henry with a clothesline. Strowman lands a clubbing blow to Henry’s chest. Strowman attempts another, but Henry catches Strowman’s arm. Henry lands a few punches and a corner splash. Henry picks up Strowman for the World’s Strongest Slam, but Strowman shifts his weight and Henry collapses under Strowman’s weight. Strowman hits the running power slams for the win.

Winner- Braun Strowman

After the match, Roman Reigns hits the ring and Superman punches Strowman. Strowman stumbles. Reigns hits another Superman punch. Strowman drops to a knee. Reigns attempts the Spear, but Strowman catches Reigns and running power slams him.

Backstage, Bayley is boxing with Cesaro and Sheamus. Enzo and Big Cass interrupt. An argument breaks out because Enzo and Cass got Cesaro and Sheamus disqualified last week. Enzo and Cass challenge Cesaro and Sheamus to a match.

Backstage Interview: Michael Cole and Samoa Joe

Cole says some would describe Joe’s tactics the past few weeks as dishonorable. Joe agrees that is the correct term. Joe came her to hurt people. The only person whose opinion Joe cares about is Triple H. Joe says it took him 18 years to get to the WWE because they were scared he was going to hurt someone. Seth Rollins was the crown jewel of Raw for the last few years. Rollins couldn’t last three minutes with Joe. In two weeks, Joe has beaten “The Man”, and “The Guy”. Joe says he isn’t some Sami Zayn who is just happy to be here. He is going to destroy everyone who comes in his path. Cole notes that Triple H has had relationships with people like Shawn Michaels, Batista, Seth Rollins and they all had relationships with Triple H that went bad. Is Joe worried about that at all? Joe says the difference between himself and the people Cole mentioned is that Joe doesn’t need Triple H to prop him up like they did. Anyone who questions that can come find out why The Creator unleashed the Destroyer.

Sami Zayn vs Rusev w/ Lana

Rusev goes behind Zayn and takes him down to the mat. Rusev transitions into a pin, but only gets a one count. Rusev locks in a hammerlock, then a side headlock. Zayn tries to fight out of it, but Rusev beats him down. Rusev whips Zayn into the ropes. but Zayn leap frogs over him. Zayn hits a dropkick that sends Rusev to the outside. Zayn hits a topé to the outside. Zayn rolls Rusev into the ring. Zayn sets up a springboard back into the ring, but Rusev meets him in the air with a leaping savate kick (#JRisms). Zayn tumbles to the mat in a heap.

After a short break, Rusev bounces Zayn into the ropes for a straight shot to Zayn’s kidney. Rusev locks in a bearhug. Zayn tries a cross body, but Rusev catches him and knees him in the side over and over again. Rusev launches Zayn across the ring with a fall away slam. Rusev sits Zayn on the top rope, but Zayn knocks Rusev off. Rusev ducks under Zayn’s attack, but Zayn lands on his feet. Rusev kicks Zayn in the head for a two count. Rusev splashes Zayn in the corner. Rusev attempts another splash, but Zayn moves out of the way. Rusev crashes headfirst into the ring post. Rusev clotheslines Zayn on the outside. Rusev rolls Zayn back into the ring. As Rusev gets back into the ring, Zayn explodes out of nowhere with the Helluva kick for the win!

Winner- Sami Zayn

After the match, Charlie interviews Zayn on the stage. Zayn says losing to Jericho last week was rough, but this victory is a step in the right direction. Zayn says he heard what Joe said about him and Joe is right- Joe is no Sami Zayn. Zayn doesn’t do what he is told and he for damn sure doesn’t sell out. Joe’s music hits and Zayn gets ready to face Joe. Joe attacks Zayn from behind. Joe tosses Zayn head first into the video screen. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. Zayn passes out.

Teddy Long is officially announced as the latest inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

Daivari and Tozawa trade strikes int he middle of the ring. Tozawa screams in Daivari’s face. Tozawa slaps Daivari in the face. Daivari trips Tozawa into the corner. Daivari lands his cobra clothesline for a two count. Tozawa surprises Daivari with hurricanranna. Daivari rolls tot he outside. Tozawa takes Daivari out with a suicide head butt to the outside. Daivari misses a clothesline and eats a disgusting German suplex hold for the win.

Winner- Akira Tozawa

The Festival of Friendship

A massive fireworks display goes off as a group of festively dressed women come out on the stage. Jericho joins them and introduces Owens. Owens walks out with a super confused look on his face. Jericho says he wanted to have something made that commemorated their friendship. Jericho had a sculpture made to by Ralph Guggenheim, who is a minimalist/maximalist artist. Jericho reveals a statue of two people intertwined. Jericho says it cost 7k. Owens, with a confused look… that hasn’t left, says Jericho got a good deal. Jericho unveils the next piece, which is the creation of Jericho. It is a portrait of Owens and Jericho almost touching hands. Owens says he can’t hang that up at his house because he has kids. Jericho isn’t even wearing pants.

Next up, Jericho introduces, Friendship the Magician, who pulls ribbon out of his mouth and makes a flower appear. Owens says that his nine-year-old son has a magic kit and can do the same trick. Jericho agrees that it wasn’t very impressive. Jericho puts Friendship the Magician on the list. Jericho tells Friendship to make himself disappear. Owens asks Jericho where he found Friendship. Jericho says, “on Craiglist”. Jericho says Owens’ real gift is that Jericho is going to take out Goldberg before Fastlane. Jericho calls Goldberg down to the ring to get… It. Golberg’s music hits and a Gillberg comes out! Owens meets him on the ramp and beats him down. Owens says he thought the whole point of this thing was to get Goldberg out here so they could beat Goldberg down together.

Jericho says he is sorry that this wasn’t what Owens expected, but he really wanted to thank Owens for being a true friend. Jericho says the true gift here is that he guarantees that Owens will be Goldberg because he has Owens’ back. Owens apologizes and gives Jericho a hug. Owens says he feels bad because Jericho went all out and he just got him one gift. Owens hands a box. Jericho opens it and it’s a new list. Jericho thanks Owens profusely. Jericho looks at the list and asks why his own name is on it. Jericho pulls the list out of the box and it says the list of KO on it. Owens attacks Jericho. Owens tosses Jericho into the barricade and powerbombs Jericho on the apron. Owens tosses Jericho back into the ring. Owens throws Jericho face first into the Jeri-tron 5000. It shatters into hundreds of pieces.

Backstage, Jericho is being loaded into an ambulance.

Cesaro w/Sheamus vs Enzo w/Big Cass

Enzo tries to stick and move to avoid a big shot from Cesaro. Enzo eats a stiff European uppercut. Enzo tries a sunset flip, but Cesaro grabs him by the throat, picks him up and slams him to the mat. Running double stomp from Cesaro. Enzo runs into the Swiss Death uppercut for the win.

Winner- Cesaro

Backstage, Charlotte Flair runs into Sasha Banks. Flair says she doesn’t know why they allow Banks to eve enter the arena at this point. Banks says Flair may try to rewrite history all she wants, but they both know she gave as good as she got. Flair tells Banks to take a seat and watch her do something Banks can’t- win.

Raw Women’s Title Match: Charlotte Flair (c) vs Bayley

Flair grabs an arm bar. Bayley tries to flip out of it, but Flair trips her back down to the mat. Flair celebrates, but Bayley schoolboys her from behind for a two count. Bayley lands a deep arm drag. Bayley locks in a wrist lock. Flair tries to flip out of it but Bayley flips with her. Flair tries to roll out of it, but Bayley rolls with her. Flair forces Bayley into the corner. Flair slaps Bayley in the face. Bayley slaps Flair in the face. Flair ends up on the mat with a shocked look on her face. After a short break, Flair is slamming Bayley’s head into the turnbuckle over and over again. Bayley Hulks up and slams Flair’s head into the turnbuckle over and over again. Springboard crossbody by Bayley.

Bayley grabs a waist lock, but Flair reverses it and schoolboys Bayley head first into the bottom turnbuckle. Flair locks in a sleeper hold. Bayley hits a jawbreaker to break the hold. Flair manages to hit a face breaker into a modified neck lock. Neckbreaker by Flair for a two count. Running knee by Flair. Flair whips Bayley into the corner and destroys her with a chop. Standing dragon sleeper by Flair. Bayley walks up the ropes and reverses the hold. Bayley ends up on the apron. Flair boots Bayley in the face, which sends Bayley careening to the outside. Flair follows Bayley and stomps her on the barricade. Flair climbs the barricade and hits a moonsault. Flair rolls Bayley into the ring for a two count. Both Bayley and Flair go for cross body blocks at the same time. Bayley gets to her feet first. Bayley combo followed by a suplex in the corner. Second rope flying elbow by Bayley.

Flair rolls to the outside. As Flair gets back in the ring, Bayley hits a stunner. Side suplex by Bayley. Bayley hits the top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Top rope hurricanranna by Bayley for another near fall! Dana Brooke runs to the ring, but Bayley knocks her off the apron. Bayley locks in the figure four! Dana Brooke pokes Bayley in the eyes as the Referee has her back turned. Sasha Banks runs down to the ring and hits Brooke with her crutch. Flair locks in the Figure Eight. As the Referee has his back turned Banks hits Charlotte with her crutch. Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly for the win!

Winner and NEW Raw Women’s Champion, Bayley!

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