Style Battle Episode 2 Results: AR Fox vs Drew Galloway, Sami Callihan Assaults Tournament Finalist, Fray Rumble Match & More

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Style Battle

Season 01, Episode 02

February 10, 2017

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Barry starts the match by telling Callihan what he’s going to do – “hit the ropes, drop down, take a dropkick; every single show” – then drops down into a surprise headlock instead. He does the indie “wrrrrestling!” exclamation, but Sami lights him up and takes the brawl to the floor. The ref wants the action to get back in the ring, and Callihan absolutely does not care. He comically tries to get a running start by sprinting around the entire ring, but Barry comes off a stage with a flying senton to take him out. Back in the ring, Sami gets the upper hand and throws his opponent back over the ropes, yelling “eliminated!”, and the crowd reminds him that this is not a Rumble. He’s content to take a count-out win, but Dan recovers at a count of nine, only to get dropped with a top rope superplex. Barry hits him with a wicked DDT for a close nearfall, and the crowd chants “that was three”; it was not. They start throwing running elbows, back and forth, and Sami hits him with Sleepy Time Tea (the GTS) for two-and-a-half. Barry gets his second wind and starts going after him, but runs into a sit-down powerbomb, transitioned into a stretch muffler, and is forced to tap out. Winner: Sami Callihan. 

– There’s an interviewer waiting for Sami on the ramp after his match. Callihan makes him repeat that he was victorious several times, and says he’s going to win this tournament one match after another. Thumbs up, thumbs down!


Bit of a feeling out process early on, with Yehi throwing a snap suplex, followed up with a rear takedown. Headlock takeover from Tracer X, but he runs into a shoulder tackle and we’re back to square one. Another fluid exchange, but this time Yehi takes him down and just stands on his left hand. Tracer comes back with a monkey flip out of the corner, and a flying lariat, followed by a suplex and an elbow drop in a quick burst of momentum. They start trading chops and X gets in a few stiff elbows, but Yehi catches him in the ropes with a nice dropkick to send him flying to the floor. They slow things down with Fred in total control, picking his spots; Tracer gets in a few high flying maneuvers but keeps getting caught by the Catch Point star. He shows a lot of heart, getting back up and laying in some shots, but Yehi just levels him with an elbow. It looks to be over, but Tracer comes out of nowhere with a lariat and a jumping neckbreaker! Great spot as Yehi yanks him up out of a butterfly hold into a deadlift German suplex, then hits a Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall. Tracer will not give up though. They go into a great counter after counter sequence, and X rolls him up out of nowhere for the surprise upset! Winner: Tracer X

– The interviewer tries to congratulate Tracer X on his win, but Yehi grabs the microphone. He gets in his face, but ends up saying that X deserved that win, and wishes him well on the rest of the tournament.


Lots of quick action right off the bat. Konley catches him with a stiff elbow, but Henry comes off the ropes to take him out. The brawl goes to the floor and Konley starts bouncing him off the ring, and various other objects, before taking it back inside and working over his back. They go back and forth until Henry catches him with a Blockbuster off the second rope, followed by a dragon screw in the ropes and a shining wizard for two. He takes control for a few minutes until Konley hits a rolling palm strike, then dives to the floor with a tope suicida to take things back. Blue Thunder bomb for two. He hits a Fireman’s Buster for two, tries for it again, but gets thrown hard with a quick-release German suplex. Both guys are exhausted, and start throwing stiff elbows and uppercuts. Henry connects with an enzuigiri, Konley connects with a Superman punch, and both are down. Henry goes after him with uppercuts and hits a dragon screw in the ropes again, but Konley catches him coming over the ropes and kills him with a Death Valley Driver on the apron! He rolls him back into the ring and connects with a top rope moonsault, but Henry kicks out at two-and-a-half. Henry counters into a Texas Cloverleaf and gets the submission. Winner: Anthony Henry


Galloway takes control immediately with a side headlock. Fox tries his best to break out of it, even going for Sliced Bread, but Galloway manages to hold on. Eventually Fox does like ten transitions off the ropes and plants him with a stunner, followed up by a moonsault off the apron. He kicks Galloway in the head and connects with a running leg drop off the stage, then hits a Swanton Bomb for two. Galloway counters another top rope move with a stiff kick to the head, then lays out Fox with a lariat, and goes to work. After several minutes, Fox hits a running neckbreaker, then launches himself over the corner turnbuckle to the floor to take out his opponent. They roll back into the ring and brawl up the ropes, and Galloway gets the better of it with a swinging Side Effect from the second rope. He signals for the end, trying for the double underhook, but Fox counters it. In a rare sight, Galloway goes high rent, but is crotched in the ropes, and Fox hits a Spanish Fly! Drew catches him off a springboard though, into a Tombstone Piledriver, hangs on to him, and connects with a multiple rotation swinging Future Show for the 1-2-3! Winner: Drew Galloway. 

– In the post match interview, Galloway says he chose to be here after being in the UK for two weeks, and he has fly back tomorrow. He claims there is no one in the world on his level, so he has to challenge himself. He asks the crowd if they watch Evolve, and reiterates his mission statement is to “save Evolve from himself”, and secondarily, to rid the world of Matt Riddle. He calls himself the leader of WWN and to challenge himself he has to branch out from Evolve, but as a good leader he will end Matt Riddle and become the first ever WWN Champion.



Callihan destroys the kid with a lariat right away and goes for an early pin. Tracer kicks out, but takes a brutal powerbomb for doing so. Sami takes him out of the ring and slams him hard onto the edge of a chair. He tries to powerbomb him into a chair, but Tracer grabs a rope to escape and kicks him in the head. He misses a hurricanrana off the apron, but connects with it on the second attempt to save himself from another powerbomb. A suicide dive connects, followed by another, and Tracer is rolling until he gets caught off a springboard by a sit-out powerbomb. Sami just starts brutalizing him with punches to the back of the head, clubbing away at him, but Tracer won’t stay down. He catches Callihan with a jawbreaker out of nowhere, followed by a flying lariat. The momentum doesn’t last long, as Sami catches him with a boot and a running knee strike. Tracer counters with a pump handle suplex. He lays in some kicks, but Sami picks him up and drops him head first into the top rope. X with a superkick out of the corner, followed by a second, but is turned inside-out with a lariat. Sami hits a sit-down powerbomb into the stretch muffler, shades of the opening match, but this time Tracer gets to the ropes. The kid uses a part of the ring apron to trip up Callihan, then comes off the springboard with a huge DDT! 1…2…3! Winner: Tracer X

– After the match the interviewer tries to get a word, but Sami interrupts. Unlike Fred Yehi though, Callihan attacks Tracer and throws him hard into a wall, then clotheslines him down and leaves him laying. The referees try to check on him, but Sami comes back out, picks him up, and throws him into the wall again. He does it a third time, and chokes him out on the ground with his boot, even taking a swing at one of the referees. Sami starts throwing chairs around, and throws the kid into the wall a fourth time before finally leaving.



Henry hits a big kick in the corner, trying to put away the veteran early. He lays in with more kicks and knee strikes, and nails a step-up enzuigiri, but Galloway throws him across the ring and lights him up with chops, before he’s even had a chance to take off his hoodie. He continues his beatdown on the floor, throwing him onto the bar at ringside. Henry barely has any life in him, and is rolled back into the ring, but kicks Galloway off the apron just as the referee reaches the count of ten! Galloway is counted out without even realizing it! Winner: Anthony Henry

– Galloway can’t believe what just happened, and immediately attacks Henry from behind. He kills him with a snap piledriver, then picks him up and piledrives him again. He picks up the poor guy and piledrives his lifeless body a third time before leaving him laying in the ring. Galloway gets on the mic and says that everyone in WWN is allergic to success. He says one day he’s finally going to snap, and leave this place, and when that happens, it’ll fall apart without him. He says he’s given his life to the business, and they can make him a martyr if they want to, but nobody can stop him from becoming the first ever WWN Champion.

– The ring announcer states that with the attacks on Henry and Tracer X, he is uncertain what will happen for our main event tonight, so we’re taking an intermission and we’ll find out soon…


The rules of this one are similar to a Rumble match, with new wrestlers entering every minute, except that eliminations can only occur by pinfall or submission. It’s mostly WWN trainees thrown into a…fray…to get some exposure. Alan Angels and Tommy Maserati are starting things off. Tommy goes after him with kicks and strikes right away, but Angels catches him with a standing Spanish Fly. Connor Braxton is out next and eliminates Angels, then yells that he has the “most eliminations”. Eddie Machete is out fourth and destroys Maserati for another elimination. The commentators put over that both Braxton and Eddie were trained by Seth Rollins; fun fact. Xander Kilan is fifth and comes off the stage with a dropkick, followed by Ashton Star, who starts flipping everyone with headscissors takedowns, suplexes and backbreakers until Braxton levels him with a big boot to eliminate the high-flyer. Alex Taylor is out at seven and hits Xander with a DDT and a release powerbomb on Connor Braxton. Austin Theory is out next with a slingshot double stomp. The crowd erupts into a “Austin Theory” chant, until Jackson Kelly comes out at number nine; dead silence. He has an Australian flag, and commentary says he swam here across the ocean. That’s probably true. CT Brown, the “nerd with attitude” comes out tenth wearing a bunch of Dragon Ball Z swag; is he related to ACH by any chance? Eddie Machete hits the Curb Stomp on Braxton to eliminate him, but is eliminated himself as Mat Palmer makes his way out. The action is pure insanity, and at some point Xander also got pinned. Alex Tayloer is eliminated with a Brainbuster, as Snoop Strikes is out next. He has an eye patch. Apparently he was trained by Jay Lethal. Kelly is eliminated. AC Mack is next, and starts lighting up everyone left in the match. We’re down to the final four (Palmer, Mack, Theory and Strikes). Strikes and Mack are both eliminated, and Theory hits a Brainbuster for two on his final opponent. Palmer escapes a Death Valley Driver and fires away with headbutts, but Theory catches him with a TKO from the top rope for the final elimination. Winner: Austin Theory. 

– We have an update on our main event for tonight. Tracer X hobbles out to the ramp, and is told that Anthony Henry is not in any shape to compete, and by default he is the winner of Style Battle Episode 2. Tracer says that would be nice, but he demands that Henry face him tonight. Out he comes, and says that if Tracer is good to go, so is he. Both guys look like they got hit by a train.



Tracer goes into a side headlock to start things off. Henry takes it over, and they’re starting things slow, selling their respective assaults from earlier in the night. Henry lays in a few chops, Tracers throws him with a snap armdrag, but Henry double stomps his back in response. He goes into a cross armbar, but X gets into the ropes, and we’re back to square one. Tracer flies to the outside with a crossbody and both guys go crashing into a row of chairs. A springboard flying clothesline connects, followed by a TKO, but he only gets two. He maintains control for several minutes, until Henry drops him on his head with a big back body drop. Dragon screw out of the corner and a Figure Four is locked in. They go back and forth reversing pressure on the hold, until eventually both guys get into the ropes. Henry tries for a pop-up powerbomb but it’s countered into a hurricanrana, followed by tilt-a-whirl DDT for two-and-a-half. X comes through the ropes looking for another DDT, but is caught with a superkick. Fold-up powerbomb, but X kicks out before three. Both guys nail running big boots, and both guys are down. Finally back to their feat, they start slowly slapping each other with everything they have left. Tracer hits a springboard Flatliner, followed by the 450 Splash! 1…2…3! Winner: Tracer X