Brock Lesnar Challenges Goldberg To ‘One Final Time’ At Wrestlemania 33


Paul Heyman officially challenged Goldberg to face Brock Lesnar one more time in a match that would take place at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida.

Lesnar and Heyman showed up on WWE RAW and went straight to the ring, and Heyman cut a promo about Goldberg having Brock’s number. Heyman put over all of the WWE legends like Undertaker and Kurt Angle, saying they were great, but Brock Lesnar beat them. He says now they talk about Brock, and it’s ‘yea… but Goldberg’ now, so they wanted to pull all of this to rest.

Heyman says Brock wanted to face Goldberg one final time, and laid out the challenge while pointing at the Wrestlemania sign. Heyman closed by saying one legend stands over the other, and one conquerer stands over the vanquished victim.

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