Do You Care About The Latest Dolph Ziggler Heel Turn? Win WrestleMania Tickets & Cash Predicting Rumble

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

This final video this weekend from CSR is all about Dolph Ziggler and his heel turn. Here’s some highlights:

Justin LaBar: Rev, let’s talk about Dolph Ziggler and Jerry the King Lawler on SmackDown this week. It’s the first time ever that the King’s Court has ever been on SmackDown Live. It was in his hometown of Memphis–and man, did it get emotional. I’m pretty sure at some point, Dolph Ziggler threatened Lawler by saying ‘I’m going to finish what I started.’ I’m not sure if he’s going to murder him or…

Ronnell Hunt: He showed the video by saying, look how many elbow drops I gave you, and after that he had a heart attack and I’m going to finish what I started. As much as it was a little touchy with me about that situation, the fact is, Dolph is doing his job, but the fact is that I’m looking at it through a wrestler’s perspective. How many times can you touch the same story that you have had done before. A lot of guys are talking about this on social media; I felt that the climax of the story of what they are trying to do was with the Miz. How many times can you try to replicate that and you want the fans behind it? I know for me, if I tried something 2,3 times it may not go over. But, how many times can you try it with a man like Dolph Ziggler? He has a lot of credit and potential, and I love Dolph Ziggler, but he should try to go another route with this story.

Justin LaBar: Well, I agree with you. When they put Dolph Ziggler’s career on the line basically in the Fall. We all thought, this is it. And when he didn’t leave, at that point when he saved his WWE career they should have done something big with him. With Dolph Ziggler, I liked the heel side of him, and obviously Jerry Lawler was okay with the storyline so I’m not going to say that he went over the line, it was just entertainment. It got people buzzing, but how many times can you wrangle the same story and have people paying attention to it? I don’t even know if I care about Dolph Ziggler’s character anymore. I’m not sure if he grabs my attention anymore. Maybe if they throw him in the World Title picture, but even if they did, he wouldn’t win.

In the video, they also talk about where you predict the winners of Royal Rumble. The first and second place prize features WrestleMania tickets and cash! More details can be found on or in the video below: