Figure Friday: WWE Elite 47 AJ Styles (Photos)

Welcome to another Figure Friday! This week we take a look at arguably the most highly sought after figure of 2017, WWE Elite 47 AJ Styles!

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This figure released online via, where I pre-ordered mine, late December. He is currently available there if you are interested in obtaining one for your collection, which I highly recommend!

Looking at AJ in the packaging he has SmackDown Live! on his box, which is the first Elite series to represent the brand split. He comes with one piece of a diorama, which you need to buy each figure in the set to complete. The diorama piece is just a plastic stand to display the figure with a cardboard background. You can see more detailed photos below. On the sides of the box it has the SmackDown logos as well as his name and photo. On the back it has his photo as well as some statistics about him. Also in this set are Asuka, Tatanka, Big Boss Man, Cesaro and Kevin Owens. Keep an eye out for more reviews of this set as the weeks go on!

Taking a look at AJ out of the packaging you can see he comes with his entrance vest. The vest is made out of a thin rubber, so it’s molded to fit tightly to his body. It has a hood molded on the back. Unfortunately this piece isn’t cloth, as it would make the figure that much better. I recommend, if you bought the Figures Toy Company AJ Styles, that you use the vest from that figure as seen in my photos here in this article. It’s a tiny bit big but fits the figure nicely and makes it even better. To remove his rubber vest slowly pull one side over his shoulders then work the opposite side to pull it over his arms. Be careful not to rip the rubber, so be patient.

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A photo posted by Matthew Goldberg | mbg1211 (@mbg1211) on

Once you remove his vest you can see all the detail, which makes it phenomenal, no pun intended. His head scan looks decent in my opinion. His longer hair and facial hair look nice as you can see the detail in his hair. I think it’s a nice scan for his first WWE figure. His chest has the hairy detail, which is a little thick (dark) compared to how he looks in real life. That’s probably my only real complaint with this figure. Besides that he has his tattoo on his side with his initials and the dates below it.

His gloves even have the ‘AJ’ logos on the top of them by his fingers plus it says ‘Styles’ on his wrists on both. Unfortunately the inside of his gloves don’t have the ‘P1’ logos but that would be a really cool touch. Looking at his tights it has the designs on the front and back besides the ‘Styles’ logos on the thighs. Lastly, his kick pads have the ‘Phenomenal’ and ‘1’ logos on them, which just makes this figure pop as a whole.

Being that he’s an Elite figure he has the typical chest joint, ball jointed legs, double-jointed knees and ankle joints besides the other typical figure articulation. It’s a really nice figure and is in high demand everywhere as you guys voted for him to be reviewed on my personal Twitter poll this week, which was awesome. He sold out on Ringside pretty quickly and I’m not surprised, as everyone wants an Elite styled figure of him. I recommend picking him up as soon as you get the chance, as he will go fast, much like his Basic figure did on Ringside as well.

If you have any suggestions for future figures you’d like me to review or just have feedback in general feel free to comment below as I do read them or feel free to contact me on social media! Also, look for a new episode of Figure 2 Photo on Monday showing the making of the Phenomenal Forearm photo above!

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Thanks and I’ll see you next week!