WWE Reportedly Producing New Designs For Intercontinental & United States Championships


According to Belt Fan Dan (BeltTalk.com / aka dvizzle on Reddit), a reputable source for wrestling championship belt information, WWE is actively designing new Intercontinental and United States Championships.

No other definite information was given besides the titles are being made overseas, and that they will not be copies of the WWE logo like on the men’s and women’s main championships. There is no information yet on when they will be introduced, but it was noted that WWE had originally been looking into creating a new Intercontinental Championship last November. Dan has been responsible for several updates on the company updating their titles, including last year when WWE introduced the Universal Championship.

The current design of the Intercontinental Championship dates back to 1988 (with a similar one in 1986), before being retired in 1998, and reintroduced by Cody Rhodes in 2011. The WWE version of the United States Championship was introduced in 2003.