Sean Waltman Discusses Kurt Angle’s Possible Final Opponent, Roddy Piper Not Wanting To ‘Do The Job’, Jimmy Snuka’s Passing, More

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was the most recent guest on The Tomorrow Show and below are some excerpts from his interview.

You can view the full interview in the embedded video player above.

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On how Moolah was jealous of Mae’s late stardom:
Moolah was the big star for all those years, right? But in the later years Mae eclipsed her and Moolah didn’t take it very well.  Moolah was, it was obvious Moolah was a bit jealous.
On how Jericho might be the best opponent for Kurt Angle and whether Jericho would do the honors:
There’s several guys that are really good…Jericho might be the guy.
On his thoughts on how the WWE should handle Jimmy Snuka’s passing:
I think they [WWE] should put a graphic up…Put it up there and people can feel how they want.
On how Roddy Piper & Shawn Michaels didn’t like to job to opponents and how maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing:
Roddy was an, ‘I’m not doing a job guy’…hey, it worked for him back then…It just doesn’t work that way anymore…There are things that are better about how things are done now, and things that aren’t…You know, you’re dealing with that kind of shit back then, and, yeah, it’s a pain in the ass, but I’ll take it for some of the other things…The character, like, that Roddy Piper, just him…It’s not fake, man, this shit, they’re not fucking fake…You know the ones that are…Nobody wrote anything down for Captain Lou…So if an, ‘I’m not doing the job’ attitude comes with that shit, I’ll fucking take it.
On what the WWE wellness policy entails:
Stress tests on the heart, things of that nature. Full body scan…I don’t know because I haven’t actually taken this new one.