WWE Raw Results (1/9): New Champion Crowned, HBK Returns, Undertaker In The Royal Rumble?


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WWE Monday Night Raw Results

January 9th, 2017

Report By Joshua Lopez for WrestleZone.com

Mick Foley’s 2016 Performance Review: 

General Manager Mick Foley is in Stephanie McMahon’s office. Foley will be having a performance review. Foley is glad to do this performance review, right here in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before things get started, Stephanie wants to address some rumors. Like The Undertaker being on tonight’s show. When WWE Universe expects something, they want to it to be delivered. The last time Stephanie saw The Undertaker was on SmackDown Live 900th, so she hopes these rumors are true.

Nobody knows The Undertaker better than Foley. Unfortunately, Foley can’t provide concrete evidence right now. Seth Rollins joins the conversation and announces that he’s going to be in the Royal Rumble Match. Braun Strowman storms into the office and wants a match with Roman Reigns or Goldberg. Rollins doesn’t care what Strowman wants. You can’t interrupt Rollins, but Strowman just did. Strowman tells Foley to give him Reigns or Goldberg or else. Goldberg is not here tonight. Rollins says that he can help Strowman with his problem. Rollins and Strowman starts brawling in the office. Stephanie tells Foley to get the job done.