Results of the Second Set of TNA Impact Wrestling TV Tapings From 1/8 *Spoilers*

3. The Hardys VS the DCC-Bram & Kingston, VS Decay for the Impact Tag Team Championships. The Hardys retain when Matt pins Kingston with the Twist of Fate.

4. Madyson is out to the announce table & we’re ready for the First Ever Monster Ball for the KO Tiltle: JADE VS ROSEMARY. All kinds of weapons are out: tables, kendo sticks, garbage cans, chairs, even a barbed wire table, thousands of tacks & more! Jade used her belt at one point & German suplexed Rosemary onto thumb tacks-OUCH!! Jade uses an STO onto barb wire title then puts the table on top of Rosemary & hits a springboard moonsault from the middle rope & that’s still not enough! The finish comes with Jade getting crouched on the top rope & Rosemary hitting a superplex through a regular table set up. Gail comes out after the match to,check on Jade, but Rosemary sprays mist in her face. Great match!

5. Trevor Lee & Helms are out. Lee has his blue Briefcase & is talking normally! He wants DJZ to put his X Title up in a ladder match & it is on. DJZ is still selling his knee injury from last week. Helms passes a chair which Lee uses to attack DJZ as he’s climbing then Lee pins Z’s leg under the ladder as he climbs to get the X title & we have a new champ.

6. 30 minute Ironman Match for the Impact Heavyweight Title is next Bobby: Lashley vs Eddie Edwards. No clock on the big screen to start the match. Lashley gets the first pin with a spear at the 9 minute mark. Bobby hits a huge powerbomb on the ramp & Eddie is counted out & it’s 2-0 for Lashley at the 15 minute mark. While the referee is counting, Bobby exposes 2 turnbuckles. Edwards gets a surprising rollup to make it 2-1. Edwards the hits a Boston Knee Party, out of nowhere at the 25 minute mark to tie it. Lashley gets a tap out with an arm bar to go up 3-2 with just over 2 minutes left. Lashley goes for a spear but Edwards reverses into a submission but Lashley will not tap out or pass out & wins the match to become the new TNA WORLD Champion-cleanly. Anthem finally got something right!