Yoshi Tatsu Talks About His NJPW Stable ‘The Hunter’s Club’, Potential Future Members, Giving His Son Vince As A Middle Name, More


Former WWE Superstar and current NJPW Superstar Yoshi Tatsu was the featured guest editorialist for Sports Illustrated’s The Wrestler’s Tribue this week. Below are some excerpts from Tatsu’s editorial.

You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

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On Yoshi’s new stable The Hunter’s Club:

Bullet Club is the most famous wrestling group in the world, but when I terminate Bullet Club, my name will rise again in the wrestling world. The Hunter Club is Billy Gunn and me so far.  We will be the most famous wrestling group in the world.

On wrestling for WWE and his biggest influences there:

I once wrestled for WWE. My biggest influence was Vince McMahon. He taught me “how to show.” That’s hard to explain, but it deals with expressing emotion, feelings, anger, frustration and triumph in the ring. Presentation is very important in WWE. That is the biggest difference between the WWE style of wrestling and New Japan’s strong style.

Vince McMahon made WWE a huge international company. He is a wrestling god. I also respect him as a businessman. When my son was born, I gave him Vincent as his middle name in honor of Vince McMahon.

On who could make good additions to his Hunter’s Club:

There are men from WWE who would make good additions to the Hunter Club. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder all stand out to me as great wrestlers. Cesaro is a hard worker and honorable and respectful. When I broke my neck in 2014, he sent me a positive message. He is a very nice guy, and many WWE guys sent me messages of respect in one letter.