Bull James on NXT Lacking Characters, Being Released as “Bull Fit” Was Getting Over, Today’s Character Development vs Attitude Era

bull james

(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Former WWE NXT star Bull James recently appeared on Vince Russo’s “The Brand” podcast which you can listen to in full at this link. Below are some highlights from James:

On Why There Aren’t Characters in NXT:

It  makes sense as to what you mean, and I’m going to sum it up the issue in two words, at least to why it hasn’t been the way it was, and the way it should be: Dusty Rhodes. When Dusty passed away, I feel as though, there was this void that he couldn’t feel. He knew us on a personal level, and dealt with us in a certain way, and knew which direction to run with it. I think once it gets in the hands of other people; in creative there are so many people now, and there are plenty of different opinions of people to listen to, and then all of a sudden, it went from initially what it was, something pure, like an example being Adam Rose. When it gets far away from where it was supposed to be, and where creative originally should have been for it, it falls flat on it face. It’s no fault to the talent, but that is what happened when Dusty passed away.

On If He’s Worried Whether Or Not There Isn’t Any Creative Assistance in Their Characters:

I think, where we were at. It was starting to work, especially on live events; we hadn’t put the “Bull Fit” Character on TV yet. I think, the concern was more for the people who hadn’t been around Dusty a lot because they weren’t going to get that guidance. It’s not to say there wasn’t anyone good down there for guidance and knew what they were doing, but Dusty had a way around it where he could just see someone, turn the volume on them and turn them into a star. It was unreal; and I think not having that for the younger guys, I believe took out so much of how good that place was for a long time. Not that it’s not good now, but he just made it special.

On the Attitude Era Characters Against Today’s Lack of Character Development:

We would always talk shop in the car, where we would talk about wrestling to one another. We would bring up the Attitude Era, and never was there a character who was on that show that wasn’t an over character, now all of a sudden it’s, hey, you’re going to get over, but only as much as we want you to.

On Not Understanding Today’s Psychology Regarding Character Development:

I don’t understand it at all. It’s funny because, being released, and especially where I was that I didn’t see it coming. It’s kind of like, you start second guessing yourself, and wonder whether or not you did something wrong. You start talking to people, and everything I put together, and the best way I was able to figure it out was that I got something over that wasn’t supposed to be over. To me, it’s ridiculous, because here I was thinking, what did I do? I showed up everyday, I was a good soldier, I put a smile on my face, I helped the younger guys. I went out of my way to sit in the truck and learned how they did things if I wasn’t booked on the show. I was talking to the camera guys, and went out of my way to learn production and every facet of the business, and I love this business, it’s all I ever wanted to do. With that being said, there was a point in time if you wondered the things they were doing to you were a rib? If it were a rib, I would still go out there and do my job and eventually work out. Suddenly, the “Bull Fit” character began to get over, then I suddenly got released. I was kind of going, how does that make sense? Then you see, there are guys down there that are getting over, but will never get that shove from Creative, and to me, it’s really sad. It just becomes, it’s just the way it is, and that sucks.