WZ Flashback: WrestleMania IV Results – OOH YEAH !!!!!!!

Second Match: Ted DiBiase w/Virgil and Andre the Giant vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a First Round Match in the Vacant WWF Championship Tournament 

DiBiase backs himself into the corner immediately after the bell rings. DiBiase and Duggan goes into the collar and elbow tie up. DiBiase drives Duggan to the corner. Clean break and Duggan lands a series of right hands to DiBiase. Duggan connects with the atomic drop. DiBiase is sent crashing to the outside. DiBiase rakes the eyes of Duggan. DiBiase lands a couple of knife edge chops. Duggan ducks a clothesline from DiBiase.

Duggan lands a clothesline of his own. Duggan transitions into the corner mount. Duggan irish whips DiBiase to the corner. DiBiase with a boot to the face of Duggan. DiBiase clotheslines Duggan. DiBiase stomps on Duggan’s chest. DiBiase with a flying elbow drop off the second rope. DiBiase with the cover, but Duggan kicks out at two. Duggan lands a series of haymakers to DiBiase. Duggan with a sunset flip for a two count. DiBiase drives his knee to the gut of Duggan.

DiBiase with a elbow drop for a two count. Duggan connects with a vertical suplex. DiBiase goes for a flying axe handle, but Duggan hits DiBiase in the gut in mid-air. Duggan clotheslines DiBiase. Duggan bodyslams DiBiase. Duggan goes for the three point stance clothesline, but Andre distract Duggan from the outside. Andre hits Duggan behind the referee’s back. DiBiase with the delayed fist drop to pickup the victory. After the match, DiBiase hops out of the ring after Duggan brings the 2X4 into the ring.

Winner: Ted DiBiase