WWE SmackDown Results (12/13) – James Ellsworth Is Sent Home, Who’s The Number One Contender?

Miz TV with Special Guest: AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper 

It’s Day 28 of the Miz Intercontinental Championship Reunion Tour. MizTV is star studded show because it has his wife and him. Tonight is special because MizTV brings two of the most powerful champions WWE has to offer. Miz introduces AJ Styles. Miz informs Styles that James Ellsworth won’t be wrestling tonight. Styles says that Ellsworth has a case of chinfulenza. Sooner or later, he’ll destroy James Ellsworth in the middle of the ring.  Miz asks Styles will he be able to sleep at night knowing that he will have to defend the WWE Title against, James Ellsworth? Styles says that Miz is hilarious. Miz puts over Styles. Styles is working on a hair conditioner deal. Miz wants to know what’s next for AJ Styles?

Styles says that Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are trying to figure out what is next. He defeated John Cena and Dean Ambrose many times. He’ll destroy James Ellsworth. Who else is there? Styles is the face that runs the place. The champ that runs the camp. He’s the most prestigious champion on SmackDown Live. Who else is on his level? While Styles is a great champion and the longest reigning champion on SmackDown Live, there’s only one person who brought the title from obscurity and took it to new levels. The WWE World Title is prestigious, but Miz made the Intercontinental Title legendary.

Miz defeated Dean Ambrose last week. Styles feels that no one is on his level. Miz is above it. Maybe it’s time he makes the WWE Championship legendary. Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring. Miz and Styles stand on the ring apron. Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring. Ziggler says that Styles and Miz talk a lot of game when they can’t win a match without cheating. If Miz can’t hide behind Maryse’s skirt, he can hide behind Styles. Miz and Ziggler get into a brawl. Miz drops Ziggler with the Skull Crushing Finale. Ambrose kicks Miz in the gut. Ambrose plants Miz with Dirty Deeds. Styles walks to the back. Ambrose drops Ziggler with Dirty Deeds. The Wyatt’s graphic flashes and Luke Harper drops Ambrose with a Discus Clothesline.