DJ Z Talks Strength Of The X Division, TNA’s Direction In 2017, Competing w/ Talent Outside Of His Division

TNA X Division Champion DJ Z joined Ryan Rider on Main Event Radio this week to discuss wanting to revitalize the division, goals that he would like to accomplish, and the new direction for TNA going into 2017.

You can read a few excerpts below; click here to listen to the full show:

DJ Z comments on what can be done to help bring the X Division back to prominence:  

I think the X division is actually really strong right now. The work that myself, Eddie Edwards, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Mark Andrews has been reminiscent of the X division of old that people like to remember and reminisce about. Maybe there’s not as many eyes watching it as back in the day with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, but the quality of work is still really high. Hopefully people will give it a chance by watching Impact tomorrow [on POPTV/Fight Network] or looking back at some of our other matches. You talk about those glory days of the X division. One goal is to revitalize the X division. Get people talking about it again, having the craziest matches I can have. Putting the attention back on the X division, back on TNA; just like it used to be.

DJ Z comments on looking forward to the next set of tapings in January: 

Looking forward to it. I’ve got so many more things that I’ve got to accomplish in wrestling. I’ve had the most successful year of my career in 2016. It’s probably because I’ve been so focused and committed to wrestling. Before I had good matches, but I also had my hands on the DJ-ing world and the music world. I was always trying to juggle the two. I’ve never been as fully committed to just professional wrestling as I have been this year. Now that I’ve kind of rediscovered my love for wrestling, there’s so many more opportunities and cool things that I have left to do and I’m really looking forward to the future.

DJ Z talks about competing with talent outside of the X Division: 

I’ve proven this year that you could put me in the ring with [Bobby] Lashley, put me in the ring with Mike Bennett. You could put me in the ring with top guys and I could hold my own. I’d like to get more experience with the top guys and show TNA and show the world that I’m a top guy too.

What he thinks the direction of TNA is going into 2017: 

It’s exciting. We’ve got some new people in charge. There’s some new creative energy. I think it’s going to be great for the wrestlers and for the fans. I encourage everyone to give it a chance and keep tuning in. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope that we go back on the road. From what I’ve heard and what fans have told me, it’s a really fun experience; a very crowd-interactive show. TNA live events are some of the most fun I’ve had in wrestling.