WWE SmackDown Results (11/22) – Styles/Ellsworth Ladder Match, Tag Team Turmoil, WWE TLC Build, More

Ambrose is fine with that and wants to get some wings. Shane says that with Ambrose having the lunatic mindset, he needs to leave the building, now. Shane knows that an unpopular decision. AJ Styles now comes down to the ring. Styles thought SmackDown Live was the show about opportunity now it’s become the show about undeserving people? After what Dean Ambrose did to AJ Styles at Survivor Series, Shane doesn’t need to kick Ambrose out of the building, Ambrose needs to be kicked off of SmackDown Live. Ambrose doesn’t deserve another opportunity at his WWE World Title at WWE TLC. Now Shane’s going to give James Ellsworth a contract. Shane says that Ellsworth deserves this contract. Styles says that Ellsworth doesn’t deserve anything.

If Ellsworth wants to be a charity case, then he needs to realize that he’s being given this contract. Guys like AJ Styles earn contracts in the WWE. If Ellsworth really wants a contract, then face him tonight. Styles needs a tune up match before TLC. Styles challenges Ellsworth to a contract Ladder Match. Styles says that he’s going to grab that contract and rip hit a front of Ellsworth ugly face. Shane says that Ellsworth doesn’t have to listen to Styles. Ellsworth responds by saying that he has no problem putting his contract on the line. If you think about Ellsworth has already defeated Styles twice. If Ellsworth wins, not only does he want a full time contract, but more importantly he wants a future opportunity at the WWE World Championship. Ellsworth wants it all or nothing. Shane makes the match official. Ambrose appears in the ring.