Lucha Underground Results (11/16) – Aztec Warfare 3, Is Matanza Still Champion ?


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Lucha Underground Results

November 16th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Dario Cueto & Johnny Mundo Backstage Segment: 

Mundo tells Dario that he’s going to be the first man to hold both The Lucha Undergound Championship and The Gift of The Gods at the same time. Off to Mundo’s side is Taya. Taya has a camera in her hand and she is filming a documentary for the Worldwide Underground. Cueto is pissed off. Mundo tells Cueto to not look into her camera. Mundo tells Cueto that if for some reason, He does not win Aztec Warfare tonight. That he will cash in The Gift of The Gods and challenge the winner for The Lucha Championship next week.

How next week’s challenege is Mundo’s backup plan. Mundo is #12 tonight in Aztec Warfare. Cueto calls Mundo an arrogant SOB. Cueto says that Mundo believes that he is the best in the mundo, but that he has his doubts. Cueto grabs the piece of paper that Mundo is holding that has the number 12 on it. He rips off the 1 part, and says that he’s now entering at #2 instead, and that he will square off with his brother Matanza first. Cueto tells Mundo that after what his brother does to him tonight. Mundo may not be fighting for The Championship next week, but instead, Mundo will be fighting for his life. Mundo tells Taya to turn her camera off.