The Wolfpac (Nash, Hall & Waltman) Discuss Shawn Michaels As The New Head Of The WWE Performance Center

The Kevin Gill Show debuted this Monday as part of Podcast Arena and featured all three original members of the NWO Wolfpac (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman) as guests.

You can find some of The Wolfpac’s comments transcribed below.

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On Shawn Michaels joining the WWE Performance Center:

Nash: How many people, including the two guys to my left, know that the new Head of the WWE Performance Center is Shawn Michaels?

Hall: Oh yeah, I knew that.

Waltman: Is he actually moving to Florida? I can’t believe that.

Nash: Oh yeah, he’s moving to Florida with the family and everything. If you thought that NXT was something wait til that son of a bitch gets down there and gives them his magic. There is nobody better than him. Physically nobody better. Psychology nobody better. It’s going to be a game changer. I don’t know what the hell they are paying him but it’s got to be a lot because to get Shawn to do the 9-5…

Waltman: Whatever it is is a bargain.

Nash: His son wants to do graphic design. His daughter wants to be a veterinarian. Sea World is down there. There’s a lot of advantages to being in Orlando over Abilene, TX. Nothing against Abilene. I hear there’s a lot of good things going on there.

Gill: I don’t think Full Sail has opened a branch out there.

Nash: Graphic design is something you have at Full Sail. “Go with Dad to work.”

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Before launching in to his interview this week Kevin welcomes WrestleZone’s Nick Hausman to discuss a couple of the top news stories from this week in pro wrestling. Including the newly announced WWE Network show 205 Live as well as the latest legal and backstage battles going on in TNA.

Kevin then welcomes Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman for an exclusive sit down interview recorded LIVE at StocktonCon. During which they discuss:

  • Their first memories of meeting up 
  • The longevity of their friendship
  • Hulk Hogan
  • The split of the nWo into Wolfpack
  • The origins of FOR LIFE
  • Bullet Club and Young Bucks using Too Sweet
  • Thoughts on Enzo/Big Cass, Apollo Crews, Big E, Shawn Michaels and Curt Hennig
  • Comic books: Marvel versus DC
  • Accidents on the road
  • Being sued by WWF
  • Whether DX or nWo more influential on the business
  • Cody Hall
  • Their appearance at Wrestlemania 31
  • The criteria for being a member of the nWo
  • The original plans for the nWo
  • More…

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