Cody Rhodes Talks About His Father’s Legacy, His WWE Departure, Stardust, Seeking Vindication

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Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard about the relationship he had with his father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, Dusty’s legacy, his last moments with his father before he passed, his WWE departure and much more. You can read the introduction below:

Who is Cody Rhodes?

The person who last asked me that was Vince McMahon, and I stuttered. I was furious with myself for not having a quick response. However, I know now.

Cody Rhodes is someone with vindication on his mind.

I didn’t leave WWE to prove them wrong, but it sure as hell feels good when I do. I am seeking vindication. For what, you ask? Maybe I felt Stardust was beneath me. It may be because my dad, and now my brother, deserved better. There is more than one reason, but the end result is that I am seeking vindication and I’m playing to win.

I’ve had my share of bulls— this year. I am not fully complete as a pro wrestler, and there is a lot for me left to learn, but the only way to learn is to go places in wrestling that no one has gone. I want to cross barriers and run at this like as if wrestling were the territories in the 1970s and 80s—that’s what I am trying to do. People kept telling me it can’t be done, that the business has changed, and I’m sure there were other reasons. But I just stopped listening and started believing.

Anything can be done, particularly in pro wrestling. There is an element of our business that is financial. I have to thank WWE for providing me with money and equity, but that does not change a thing regarding my plans and dreams. For a time, I had given up on my dream, but the instant I walked away from WWE was the moment I realized I was foolish to think that way.

My father waxed poetic on hard times. I’ve tasted them, and I kept that taste in my mouth.

Yes, I am my father’s son.

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Take the time to read this. Even if you were never a fan of Cody or Dusty, this gives a lot of perspective into Cody’s feelings about his own career, and his father’s legacy and how to or how not to try and live up to it or repeat it. It’s very moving and personal and insightful, and overall enjoyable to hear someone be this personal about their life and career.


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