WWE RAW Results (10/24): Women’s Title Contract Signing, Lesnar Responds to Goldberg, Triple Threat Main Event, Final Hell in a Cell Hype!

wwe-raw-2016-coverageWWE RAW Results

October 24th, 2016

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Michael Cole notes that the show was supposed to start with Karl Anderson vs Enzo Amore, but for some reason, Chris Jericho is in the ring.

In Ring Segment: Chris Jericho

Jericho says the triple threat main event is canceled. something terrible has happened. Someone has stolen the List of Jericho. Jericho will not leave the ring and will not do another thing for this company until he gets it back. He will stay in the ring until someone mans up and give him back his list. Kevin Owens joins him in the ring. Jericho asks Owens if he has the list. Owens says he doesn’t have the list and quite frankly, he doesn’t care about the list. He cares about Jericho, so he will help Jericho find the list. They need to get on the same page so they can take out Rollins before Hell in a Cell. Jericho says his heart and soul has been written on that list.

Stephanie McMahon comes out and tells Jericho that she will keep everyone in the arena until they find the list. That said, Jericho needs to focus on tonight. He is being ridiculous. Jericho hits the roof! Seth Rollins’ music hits and he walks out on the ramp. Jericho yells that he can see that Rollins has the list behind his back. Rollins reveals that he has the list. Stephanie tells Rollins to give back the list. Rollins tells Stephanie that her name is on the list for putting Owens in a Hell in a Cell match. Rollins tells Owens that his name is on the list as well. Jericho tells everyone that Owens would never be on the list because it is meant for stupid idiots. Rollins tells Jericho that he is in a good mood so he is going to give him the list back. Rollins says he is going to make a few alterations just for Owens. It’s going to be a list of Owens’ body parts that will never be the same again.

<Insert Rollins hurting people joke here>

Rollins tells Owens he will stop at nothing to win the title at WWE Hell in a Cell. If Jericho wants his list back he can come and get it.