Lucha Underground Live at Arizona State Fair Results: Johnny Mundo vs Cage Falls Count Anywhere Match, Pentagon vs Muertes and More

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Lucha Underground Live Event Results

Live from the Arizona State Fair

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Show 1:

Son of Havoc versus Jack Evans

Winner: Son of Havoc in a match where the top rope broke. Evans and Havoc clearly had to alter their match plans due to the hardware issues. In the end, even with a busted rope, they put on a great match.

Ivelisse Velez versus Mariposa versus Taya

Winner: Ivelisse Velez in a fantastic match.

Johnny Mundo versus Cage in a Falls Count Anywhere in Arizona match.

Winner: Johnny Mundo in what was the match of the night. Taya came out and helped Mundo win. After the match, Mundo and Taya celebrated and were mowed down by an angry Cage.

Show 2:

Drago versus Aerostar versus Australian Suicide versus Hector Garza Jr.

Winner: Drago

Kevin Kross versus Ricky Mandel

Winner: Kevin Kross in a near squash match.

Pentagon Dark versus Mil Muetes

Winner: Pentagon Dark in a physical match that included chairs, a ladder, and more. There is some debate among the crowd if the ring broke with the finish.

Reviewer Comments: I want to put over the staff and talent of Lucha Underground. This was a first rate production, ring issues aside. The staff was genuine and polite and the talent was gracious with their time and especially was polite to the children in the crowd including my youngest son.

Vampiro was the “Guest Enforcer” to the main event of the second show but in reality, he sat at the visible gorilla position all show. When the rope broke, Vampiro took to “story time” to delay talking about the history of wrestling. Oddly, Vamp was NOT one of the guys signing autographs.

I also wanted to note that Johnny Mundo’s bandana got taken off of him and given to a young fan during the out-of-the-ring activities with Cage. After the match, Mundo appeared to be looking for the young fan to give the matching shades to but the fan had left. I think he may have ribbed the kid a little in his opening promo. During the start of the second show, Mundo joined Melissa in the ring to get the crowd going to promote Cricket Wireless who is sponsoring the Lucha Underground En Vevo tour. On his way out of the ring, he spotted the kid in his bandana and gave him the shades he wanted to earlier. First class act right there. Indicative of how the whole cast and crew was. Double thumbs up to Lucha Underground En Vevo. Check it out of it comes to your town!