TNA Executive Attempting to Use TNA Tape Library Deal to Land WWE Job, News on Major Dixie Carter – Billy Corgan Heat, TNA’s Status, More

billy corgan

According to The Wrestling Observer, Aroluxe and Billy Corgan are still involved in trying to purchase TNA, and as we previously noted WWE lost interest in purchasing the company and is no longer in the running.

Additionally, last week’s set of TNA tapings were reportedly the first instance of Billy Corgan having the final say in creative decisions. Dixie Carter was in attendance for the tapings, and as we noted did hold a talent meeting, but she was not present for the final days of the tapings and was having meetings with The Fight Network, which also owns a small stake in TNA.

The report adds things are said to be “super heated” right now between Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter, and it was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Carter has made a “real mess” of the company as she has borrowed a lot of money and put up various stakes in the company in order to secure quick funding. Furthermore, the company is said to be in a “disastrous” place right now, and there is a lot of backstage heat on Dixie Carter for failed deals.

As of now it’s still unknown who funded the TNA Bound for Glory PPV and the subsequent TV tapings, but it was not WWE. Speculation is one of TNA’s three minority owners – Corgan, Aroluxe or The Fight Network, funded the events, but that is not confirmed.

Regarding the sale of the TNA tape library to WWE, TNA Executive John Gaburick reportedly went to WWE’s Kevin Dunn with the idea that if Gaburick were to assist in securing TNA’s tape library for WWE, then WWE would re-hire Gaburick. Dunn reportedly went to Vince McMahon with the idea, and a final decision has yet to be made.