Alberto Del Rio Talks New Combate Americas Role, Says He Would Love to Have CM Punk in the Promotion, Gives Punk Credit for UFC Fight

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Alberto Del Rio recently spoke with Rodolfo Roman for The Roman Show, talking about his new role as Combate Americas President, CM Punk’s UFC career and more.

Alberto addresses how he ended up with the role, scouting locations for future Combate Americas events, his in-ring status and more. You can read a few highlights, and listen to the interview in the player below:

Alberto Del Rio talks about balancing his pro wrestling and role with Combate Americas:

“It’s going to be really difficult, but not impossible. Of course my main priority is and will be Combate Americas. I have the most important role as of this moment, but I will be also being doing some wrestling shows. I will be wrestling probably just once a week. I don’t plan on doing a lot of shows as I was doing when I was in the other company; I will just be doing one per week, sometimes not even that. Again, my priority is Combate Americas, and I want to make this company a great company that goes places and of course makes some more money for the fighters, and the company.”

Alberto talks about CM Punk’s MMA debut and the future of his fighting career:

“I would love to have him in Combate Americas; he’s actually one of my best friends in the business. We spoke before and after his fight. I know he’s getting a lot of hate and criticism for what he did in his first fight but we need to give him some credit. He went and tried it and did the difficult transition from pro wrestling to MMA; he had the cojones to do it.

I know a lot of people say he didn’t do well, but I think he did well and it was his first fight and first experience. Especially when you do it in the biggest MMA company in the world, it wasn’t an easy night for CM Punk, but really I think he needs to do it again. He needs to train a little bit more and I’m pretty sure he’s going to learn from that mistake in the first fight. He will come back even better.”

Would Alberto like to have CM Punk fight for Combate Americas?

“Definitely. I would love to have him fighting for this organization, or any other fighter with talent that wants to come and represent this amazing company; they are welcomed to do it. They have my number; just call me and I’ll give you a job.”