James Ellsworth Tells The Story Of How His “Any Man With Two Hands” Promo Came To Be

The latest episode of WZ Weekly was released earlier today and it features an exclusive interview between WZ Weekly Field Correspondent Joe Dombrowski and WWE World Championship #1 Contender James Ellsworth.

You can find some of James’ comments transcribed below. James’ appearance on WZ Weekly begins at the 1 hour and 51 minute mark in the embedded audio player above.

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On how his infamous “Any man with two hands” promo he cut before his Braun Strowman squash match came to be:

JE: I love to cut promos. I cut them pretty much every night I am on the independents. Almost every show. It’s something I just really enjoy doing. When they gave me a promo I was stoked right away. I was like, “I’m going to kill this promo. Whatever it is. I’m going to do it and I’m going to kill it.” Like I said, I just wanted to do a good job at everything they gave me to do that night. They gave me a script and I’m back there with the writer and he says, “Do you think there’s anything you might want to add to this?” He’s like, “Nine times out of ten we won’t let you but if you have anything cool we’ll let you.” I said, “Well, I’m hitting him twice in the match can I say, ‘Any man with two hands has a fighting chance’?” He goes, “Well, I like it. Let me see if I can get it cleared.” I don’t know who he had to clear it with. I don’t know if it was Vince himself. I have no clue. Then I didn’t see the writer for an hour an a half. He comes back and he says, “Dude, they love the line, you have to say it!” I said, “Don’t worry. I’ll say it.”

This week’s episode is hosted by Nick Hausman and features 101WKQX’s Kevin Kellam as the co-host. Some segments include:

  • Joe Dombrowski’s WZ Weekly exclusive interview with James Ellsworth
  • WZ Weekly’s “Spotlight” on Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso

Some of the Top News Stories of the week include:

  • Goldberg returning to WWE
  • The 1st Women’s Hell In A Cell match being announced
  • The latest on the ownership situation in TNA
  • Paige’s 60-day suspension
  • Fallout from No Mercy
  • More…

Today’s show also includes feedback from the #WZWeekly fan mail bag.

You can listen to more pro wrestling audio from WrestleZone Radio in the embedded audio player below: