Dolph Ziggler Addresses Not Being the “Chosen One” in WWE, His Mini Spirit Squad Reunion, Possibly Wrestling His Last Match at No Mercy, More

dolph ziggler

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As noted, Dolph Ziggler was one of the guests on last night’s edition of WWE Talking Smack, and below are some interview highlights:

On His Mini-Reunion with the Spirit Squad:

It’s crazy because like you said, there’s a documentary about Daniel [Bryan], and I’ve been here for like 12 years and you [Renee Young] have like 12 shows, so it’s so cool that all the money that went in what would have been a real package or DVD or story was too much to show some of the horrific things I had to go through to win back the audience, so I think it was great, a whole new group of 8 year olds needed to know what I went through to not get Nicky chants, working towards the main event about 7 or 8 times.

On Not Being the Chosen One of the Company:

Well, I’m cool with everything. This is entertainment, it’s funny. Miz obviously spent a lot of money that he has because all I have is this, but he has the movies, so he put all that money into it, it was funny and great, it reminded me of a couple of different things. I believe I am the only one to have 2 or 3 different giant craps all over me, which is understandable because you know where you stand with the company, and it’s good to know that no matter how hard you work, there’s someone above me dropping poop on me. As funny as it is, it kind of screwed up as is, if I was someone who walked in and was hand-picked and said, hey, let’s take a picture, you’re going to be our champion; I would hate that, I would hate myself, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I would go, ‘this is what forces me to be better than someone else’, whether I am or not, it forces me to do that every single day because I almost have to go out there and gain that credibility again that was shot out the door every week.

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On His Career Accomplishments:

There are a couple of really cool ones. My riding partner was Edge for a couple of years. It came to the point where we stopped riding together and became enemies in the ring. All the knowledge that I learned on the road from him, and everything that was passed down to him from Undertaker years and all these other cool things; I gained a lot of knowledge behind the scenes stuff and what I can do to get better; so, I received a world title shot against Edge at the Royal Rumble, and not only was I…it’s usually my character, I don’t win all the time. We are showcasing that now, but my character, my God, I work hard and don’t win as much. At the time, I was a bad guy, who was a jerk, and didn’t talk much and lost all the time, and we fought for the world title, at the Royal Rumble, and the last 15-25 minutes, no one was seated because they didn’t know who was going to win; it was amazing. It was one of the highlights of my career by having that match. Hilariously, the next Tuesday [Smackdown taping] we had a 10 minute match and all that credibility was shot right out the window.

On This Possibly Being His Final Match:

Yeah, it’s crazy, because I kind of base things off of what I hear off the streets, and they’re all, yeah, I know, you’re going to lose and then three weeks later you will show up for a match, or the next night you’re on Raw…No, no, no, the reason this means so much to me and this is all I have is because this is what I have worked for. I put everything on the line to step up or get the hell out. I win, I become champ, I get to start over, if I lose, I am gone, not for fake.

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