Mick Foley On Frank The Clown’s Controversial ‘Shoot’ Promo, “I Was Thoroughly Impressed, For Real” (Video)

WrestleZone has obtained this exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discussing his daughter Noelle’s boyfriend Frank The Clown’s controversial “shoot” promo from last night’s Freelance Wrestling show.

We have transcribed some of Mick’s comments and included the original video of Frank’s promo below.

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On Frank’s promo on last night’s Freelance Wrestling show:

MF: I’ll say this, he delivered a heck of a promo. He did it using his emotions. He did it in a way that was completely unscripted. It was spontaneous. Fueled with anger but really polished. Really polished. In an age where it’s hard to get real heat and the moment you start being good at something fans start cheering it. He’s a clown who has heat. No one likes a clown and no one likes a clown who is dating my daughter, especially. You know? I hate to say it but he could make a heck of a manager. He could make a heck of a manager. No, you can’t drop f bombs and that type of thing. Gotta work on that a little bit but I think if he took that anger… that’s what I did in the promos people really remember me for. I’d take some real life anger, channel it in to something positive and I think if Frank took some of that frustration then transfer it on to his guys. You can’t just be a manager who talks about himself. We’ve all seen our share of them. They are good up to a point. If he was able to find a way to have a little stable of guys, I mean, I honestly could see Frank The Clown doing really, really well as an independent manager who may one day get a shot at something bigger. I was thoroughly impressed. For real Frank.

Eric’s Bischoff on Wrestling co-host & WZ’s Nick Hausman was conducting the interview with Frank in the ring. You can find more great interviews and pro wrestling punditry from Eric & Nick in the embedded audio player below: