Update on Drew Galloway’s Injury Status, William Regal Appearing at EVOLVE 71, Ted DiBiase Jr Working with Underprivileged Teens (Video)

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Update on Drew Galloway’s Injury Status

WWN Live has issued the following updates:

September 30th: NXT General Manager William Regal will be a special guest at the WWN Seminar/Tryout on October 16th in Ybor City, FL. Mr. Regal has informed us that he will be in attendance for EVOLVE 71 that evening. With the growing WWE/EVOLVE relationship, William Regal will be involved in the EVOLVE 71 live event. This will be something special for the live audience only. There is no telling what will happen when William Regal goes face-to-face with the EVOLVE roster!

EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Drew Galloway might be injured. We are waiting to see what happens at the TNA PPV on Sunday before we make any moves. He is currently scheduled for the main events at EVOLVE in Florida in two weeks. If he is injured, we will have to make some changes. We will have everything announced in Monday’s WWN Alerts.

Ted DiBiase Jr Working with Underprivileged Teens

Visit Ted DiBiase Jr. at a summer camp where he works to inspire underprivileged teens and makes a surprise return to the ring on this edition of Where Are They Now?