Exclusive Update: Latest On TNA Sale, Who Is Investing With Billy Corgan, How Much He is Worth and the Financial Situation For TNA

As the top story of the week continues to be monitoring the potential sale of TNA Impact Wrestling, WZ has learned some new information from sources close to the situation regarding Billy Corgan bidding to be the new owner of TNA.

Corgan’s net worth is approximately $40 million, but he’s bidding all on his own with no financial investors on his team.

The possible sale price of the company isn’t known, but we have learned that TNA’s had such financial trouble recently, that if Corgan becomes the new owner it wouldn’t solve all of the financial issues the company still has lingering.

One indication of the uphill battle with money owed took place at the last set of Impact tapings, as long overdue checks were being signed, validated and distributed on-site as television was going on.

WWE has reportedly been involved in the process of bidding, but no further details are known as to how much of a chance they have at purchasing the company.

We’ll keep you updated on the story with any new information we obtain.

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