Lucha Underground Results (9/28) – Azteca/Guerrero, Atomicos Match, Puma Returns To Action


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Lucha Underground Results

September 28th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Dario Cueto and Sexy Star Segment: 

Cueto heard that Sexy was feeling bad about what Matanza did to her friend The Mack. Cueto asks Sexy if she’s more afraid for herself or for her friend? Sexy is not afraid on anything. Cueto says that she should be. Sexy has been sparking up a quagmire recently, so she can continue to defend her title until she loses it or she can prove that she’s not afraid of his brother Matanza. Have no fear, Sexy Star will teaming up with Fenix, Aerostar and Drago in an atomicos match against the Worldwide Underground. Cueto walks away. Johnny Mundo introduces himself to Sexy. Mundo calls himself the next Gift of the Gods Champion.