Billy Corgan Says He Currently Runs TNA Creative, Reveals Other Creative Team Members, Says He is Actively Engaged in Trying to Buy TNA

billy corgan

(Photo by Gabriel Grams/Getty Images)

As noted, TNA President Billy Corgan will be making an “evolutionary announcement” on TNA Impact Wrestling tonight, and ahead of tonight’s show Corgan hyped the episode on Facebook.

With regards to TNA creative, Corgan clarified that his position as TNA President is real, and not just story line, and that he is in charge of TNA creative. He added everything you see on TNA TV is his responsibility. Corgan also revealed the current TNA creative team consists of himself, John Gaburick, Madison Rayne, Dave Lagana and Matt Conway.

Corgan said a rumor began awhile back claiming TNA creative was being run by John Gaburick, and Corgan said the same source also said Corgan could not afford to buy TNA Wrestling. Corgan said that’s funny because he is “actively engaged” in trying to purchase TNA. Coran added he doesn’t necessarily know if he will end up buying the company, as it’s a complicated process, but he does want to run both the culture of the company and the company itself.