#DeleteOrDecay Announced For Next Week’s Impact Wrestling, Two New TNA Champions Crowned Tonight


The next chapter in ‘The Final Deletion’ is set to air next week on Impact Wrestling next week as tonight’s show saw the promotion of #DELETEorDECAY after the Decay invaded the Hardy compound. 

Tonight’s show started with Broken Matt having a premonition about a battle, and they needed to leave for the ‘Zone of Impact’. Following his match against Crazzy Steve, Matt was told Rosemary and Abyss were not there, and in fact were at the Hardy compound, with Rosemary trying to claim Maxel as her own. 

After trying to reach her, Matt informs Reby the match was a setup to lure him away, and she should make sure they are safe. Reby then tells Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for massacre, leading to next week’s show. 

Impact Wrestling 

DJ Z (Zema Ion) won the X Division Championship in a Ultimate X match on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Zema defeated Mandrews, Rockstar Spud, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Braxton Sutter in an Ultimate X Gauntlet match for the vacated X Division Championship. He is a two-time X Division champion, winning the title in another Ultimate X match at the 2012 edition of Destination X. 

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TNA Knockouts 

The TNA Knockouts Championship also changed hands on tonight’s show, and Maria is the new champion after a bit of a controversy. 

Allie was in the ring celebrating her championship win from the week before when former champion Sienna tries to confront her. Maria tells Sienna to back off, and Allie wants to thank Maria, but Maria says this is not for Allie because she is worthless. Maria says Allie screwed things up by winning the title, and this celebration is for her opponent. Allie asks what happened since Maria already gave the Knockouts the night off, but Maria tells her to lay down and calls for a ref. Maria threatens to fire her if she doesn’t listen, and Allie cries as Maria ‘wins’ the title and Maria has Allie put the title around her waist. 

This is Maria’s first TNA Knockouts Championship win; Allie’s title reign ended at seven days.