Former WWE Ref Tells Funny Mr. Fuji Story, Reality Of Kevin Owens Win & Fans Thinking Owens Didn’t Know

Every Tuesday and Wednesday is “Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar” on TribLIVE Radio. Here’s some of what was discussed on today’s show:

1:05: LaBar on Kevin Owens win:

On paper, Kevin Qwens had a 25 percent chance of winning the fatal 4 way match for the universal championship, but to me he had about a 60 percent chance. I’ll reiterate some of the logic I spewed all weekend on CSRand on twitter….

Big Cass wasn’t’ going to win….but the big man had a great showing and look like he belonged and was made to look as strong as one can when the first eliminated. But he had zero dimes, he had zero chance….

If WWE wanted Seth Rollins to be the universal champ he would have won at SummerSlam….obviously they wanted to move in a different direction of him. Maybe still in the title picture but not as champ, but yet he’s still Seth Rollins and this is a do over for SummerSlam after Balor’s injured….so out of the 3 remaining….I give him a 20 percent chance.

Roman Reigns…..the ever continuing experiment…but it’s been clear since his suspension WWE has no real interest putting the title on him at the moment. But he is still Roman Reigns…..and again….we’ve lost Balor….so….he also gets 20 percent.

Which leaves the 60 percent of Kevin Owens. A guy who has put his work in over the past year to great success. A guy who can talk, who can work, everyone reacts to. It’s enough of a swerve to be main event worthy and memorable but still realistic and deserving enough to move forward.

This match, the entrances, the ring announcing, the big fight feel and uncertainty of what’s going to happen is what Monday nights were built on for wrestling fans. Today we spell superstar “K.O.”

I  have really no complaints about the match….I enjoyed it. I enjoyed Owens win and I watched it back this morning to the same excitement and interest.

HHH just turned Rollins babyface….this is fine with me. Balor being gone….WWE is lacking top babyfaces. Plus, HHH vs Rollins is long awaited and still needs to happen. However, HHH screws Rollins…..allows Owens to win….yeah, so Owens got some help to win, a dirty win if you will, but is there any heat on Owens? Is it all on HHH? I tend to think it’s all on HH and well….he’ll make a great heel opposite a babyface Rollins, but Owens is still on the heel side of the fence no matter how you want to look at it. He’s still a heel despite being very much appreciated. Yes, he could make a great babyface in the future if WWE chooses to let him embrace the cheers while keeping his smug attitude…but for now he’s the boss or one of the bosses in HHHs new boy, his new guy. We gotta make sure the heat and attention still gets on Owens.

To see and hear more of this comments about the Owens win, check out the video below:


The podcast continues…

8:40: LaBar on Big Cass:

Big Cass showed he belonged. He took Roman Reigns to “Boot Face City.” You must watch this match. Big Cass took whatever size boot that 7 foot MFer wears and nailed roman Reigns. First one looks more impactful because it was running boot. That wasn’t as big as the second boot when both in the ring. Slow that one down and watch, you’re going to see some spit flying.

14:05: LaBar on fans who think Kevin Owens didn’t know about the finish of the match.

21:30: Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas joins the show. Korderas tells funny story about Mr. Fuji:

We were at a show and he wasn’t feeling well. He was managing Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond and I was referee for a match they were going to have against The Rockers. He wasn’t feeling well but the agent Jack Lanza still wanted him to go out there. They said he didn’t have to do much but he still needed to be out there with them. He told me when we get out there that he was going to yell at me and for me to kick him out. Well, he said that and Jack Lanza heard it and said no, don’t you dare kick him out, he has to stay out there. But Fuji wants me to kick him out so now I’m not sure what to do. During the course of the match, as I’d walk toward the side of the ring he was standing he would take his cane and wrap me on my shins which really hurt. I kept saying stop it and Fuji is screaming kick me out and I wouldn’t. Few minutes later, someone had someone else in a hold and I had my back to him near the ropes, he reaches in with the cane in between my legs and took a shot at me. I said OK, now I’m kicking you out. He said thank you when I did.

Korderas also talks unhappy fans on social media, The Miz/Daniel Bryan showdown and times in his career when the referee’s weren’t told the finish of the matches.