Sean Waltman Reacts to Bret Hart’s Criticism of Seth Rollins, Talks Nakamura vs Lesnar, Does He Think HBK Will Come Out of Retirement?

(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

Sean Waltman, also know as the WWE’s X-Pac, spent more than two hours on “The Tomorrow Show” with Keven Undergaro opening up about his life, career and fellow wrestlers.

X-Pac weighs in on Bret Hart’s negative opinion of Seth Rollins:

“I hate to be so critical of Seth Rollins when he’s just doing what everybody else is doing, you know.”

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X-Pac thinks Shinsuke Nakamura could give Brock Lesnar a run for his money:

“A guy that would match up toe to toe with him as good as probably most people there is Shinsuke Nakamura…he fought pride…it was the greatest entrance I had ever seen in my life…it was un-fucking-believable…he is the the fucking man…he’s brilliant not only is he an amazing fighter legitimately but as an artist he has channeled like Liberace, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury I mean…. when you watch his entrance and the way he moves in there and his mannerisms and his charisma, that transcends language barriers and everything…he’s going to be the man, the man.”

X-Pac says Shawn Michaels won’t be coming out of retirement:

“Nope, no, not in a match. He might come out and super kick some sweet chin music like he’s done already but no, he’s not going to. And I believe that, I don’t think I’m out of bounds by saying this. I’m pretty sure Sean’s decided that he’s moving to Orlando and head up the performance center. I was surprised to hear that because I thought he was pretty happy out in the ranch in Texas…Honestly, I mean if you’re familiar with the situation. It’s just Sean’s going to head up the performance center, no more or no less. It’s just wishful thinking and speculation on people’s parts. I get it, I understand it.”

X-Pac compares injures now vs in the past:

“Some of it’s not necessarily more injuries, they’re not allowed to work through the injuries like we used to. We used to just say, “fuck it.” We’re injured, we’d tape this shit up, we’d go in the fuckin’ ring… I’d like for the people who came after me to still have their marbles left and to be able to walk when they’re 70 or 60.”

X-Pac turns down the Red Hot Chili Peppers recording his intro music, insisting on Uncle Cracker:

“Shane McMahon came up to me and he’s like “yeah um, hey, we’re thinking about having Red Hot Chili Peppers do your new theme music” and my dumbass goes “na, fuck that, I want Uncle Cracker to do it.” Cause he’s a friend of mine. He was Kid Rock’s DJ. And he hadn’t really blown up yet. So that was my big dumbass move…The song was fine, it was, we were heels and I wasn’t one of these heels that was trying to go up there and get cheered.”

X-Pac recounts the time that JBL and Steve Blackman fought in the airport:

“One time Blackman and JBL got into it… JBL was just on him, fucking with him a little bit. I wouldn’t call it bullying, he was just badgering him. It’s just how John was. And it just, Steve’s a different kind of guy. And it had probably been a few hours since he had eaten. And he gets real kinda cranky when he doesn’t eat, Blackman. And so he was messing with him, we were at the airport at the baggage check, and unfortunately it was the day that Owen passed away but it happened earlier in the day. And so JBL had been fucking with Steve for probably about a week. And they’re in, we’re in baggage claim. And he fucks with him again. And it’s the last time and I remember saying something to Steve… And Blackman goes to punch John and as he’s going to take the step, his foot, his foot gets caught in the strap of a duffle bag. And he doesn’t get the shot in. So JBL go like two shots on him before they broke it up. Nobody got hurt.”

X-Pac reveals Randy Orton’s “first major injury” against him in a tag team match:

“Randy took this ridiculous crazy bump over the top rope for me and well I didn’t ask him I didn’t want him to he was just really young and brand new then and he tore his shoulder in the match um and that was was his first major injury early on.”

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