ROH Death Before Dishonor XIV Results (8/19) – Lethal vs Cole, Okada/Castle, Shibata’s ROH Debut

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR / PamElla Lee Photography

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR / PamElla Lee Photography

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ROH Death Before Dishonor XIV Results

August 19th, 2016

Report by Joshua Lopez for

First Match: Lio Rush vs. Jay White vs. Donovan Dijak vs. Kamaitachi in a Four Corners Match to Determine The Number One Contender to the ROH World Television Championship 

Rush and White tosses Kamaitachi and Dijak to the outside. Rush and White connect with suicide dives in stereo. Rush and White take them out with stereo dives. Rush and White try to one up each other. Kamaitachi tosses White to the outside. Kamaitachi with a spinning back fist to White. Dijak with a big boot to Rush. White and Dijak engage in back and forth running elbows.  

Dijak plants White with a Spine Buster. Rush with a savate kick. Rush follows that up with a Tornado DDT. Rush drops White and Kamatiachi with suicide dives in stereo. Rush goes for a suicide dive, but Dijak catches him in mid air and chokeslams him onto the floor. Rush with a reverse frankensteiner to Dijak. Rush hits a kneeling enziguiri to Kamaitachi. Dijak chokeslams Rush into a backbreaker.

White plants Dijak with a Rock Bottom for a two count. Kamaitachi with the Meteroa to White for a two count. Kamaitachi takes White out with a dive to the floor. Dijak press slams Rush onto White and Kamaitachi. Dijak goes for Feast Your Eyes on Rush, but Rush reverses to a crucifix for a two count. Rush with a moonsault powerslams to White and Kamaitachi. Rush with a springboard twisting plancha onto Dijak, White and Kamaitachi. Dijak with a big boot to Rush. Dijak with the Feast Your Eyes on Rush to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Donovan Dijak 

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