TNA Impact Wrestling Results (8/18) – Major Announcement, Moose vs Edwards, James Storm Snaps

Bobby Lashley Announcement: 

The best hold the gold, and he has all the gold. It’s been Lashley’s mission to collect all the gold from the beginning, and he calls Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan out to join him for his announcement. He loves the fact that they have no idea what he’s going to do and he has all the power. He’s no dumb wrestler, he’s a businessman, and the announcement he’s about to make will change the company. Dixie says the World Champion is the top guy in this company, and Corgan says what he’s done is truly impressive, but wants to know what else he wants.

Lashley is glad he asked, because he’s going to unify the titles: the X Division and King of the Mountain Titles are going away, and he is the true, undisputed World Champion of professional wrestling. Corgan says if Lashley wants to defend the titles separately, that’s cool, but he’s the new TNA president and he calls the shots around here. Lashley says the King of the Mountain Title is garbage, and he makes it something. He throws it on the ground and says now it’s nothing.

Lashley says the X Division made TNA what it is, but he ripped the heart out of the division and destroyed those guys, and there isn’t a single guy in the division who can beat him, so there’s no sense in him defending that title. He throws the X Division Title on the ground and says it means nothing now, and Dixie says how dare you disrespect those titles. Lashley says that since they chose to disrespect him and his announcement, he’ll see them at Bound For Glory. Corgan says what he just did was a turning point in this company, and Dixie says he will defend that title before Bound For Glory. Corgan says there will be a battle royal next week, and the winner will challenge him for the TNA World Title.