WWE RAW Results (8/8): Multiple Matches Signed for SummerSlam, Special Guest Daniel Bryan and More!

Luke Gallows w/Karl Anderson vs Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods

Kingston attempts a sunset flip, but Gallows grabs Kingston by the neck. Before Gallows can toss him, Kingston dropkicks him. Gallows rolls to the outside. Kingston dives over the top rope and takes out Gallows. Kingston gets on the top rope, but Anderson distracts him. Gallows hits a flapjack for the win.

Winner- Doc Gallows

After the match, Anderson and Gallows try to smash Kingston’s nuts into the ring post. Woods grabs a chair and chases off Anderson and Gallows.  

In Ring Segment: Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan

Foley calls Daniel Bryan to the ring. Bryan says Foley has been doing a great job running Monday Night Raw. Foley puts over Bryan’s work on Smackdown Live and the Cruiserweight Classic. Bryan attempts to plug Smackdown Live. Foley stomps him to apologize for Lesnar invading Smackdown. Bryan says Smackdown fired the first shot so he apologized for Orton invading Raw. Foley tells Bryan to cut the crap. Foley shows a video of Bryan talking smack about the Universal title. Foley says this isn’t a game and Raw deserves a world title. Rusev comes out and says he is true champion of Raw. Cesaro comes out and asks Foley for a title shot against Rusev. Bryan says Cesaro has been underutilized on Raw. Foley tells Bryan to stay out of it. Foley gives Cesaro a U.S. title match right now.